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NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
14 Sep 1999

  • United States
    Loudoun County
  • Leesburg
  • 39.10917   -77.55778
  • Rural
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Stereo accelerometer

Show: Bug Communication
Log of DAT #: 2A
Date: 1999

ng = not good
ok= okay
g = good
vg =very good

Absolute Time Total Time of DAT: 1.51.40

0.00.0 -0.00.23 Recorded silence

0.00.23 -0.01.36 Bug sounds, but with some feedback

0.01.36 -0.02.36 pretty good

0.04.45 -0.05.15 Cycle, clicking at the end

0.06.03 - 0.06.32 Good clicking and mooing

0.06.32 -0.07.16 light shuffling, gets very strong at 0.07.00, then fades

0.07.30 -0.08.03 Good clicks, then a few moos, then heavy shuffling p.2

0.08.03 -0.09.30 light moos (coos?) then light shuffling, heavy shuffling, very heavy shuffling,

0.09.30 -0.09.53 light mooing

0.09.53 - 0.10.46 Good clicks, strong shuffling, calm

0.10.46 - 0.11.53
Good strong clicks, long moo, some follow-up moos, more clicking and mooing [no shuffling]

0.11.53 - 0.12.30

0.12.30 -0.13.00 light mooing, shuffling.

0.13.00 -0.13.33 light mooing, then shuffling, then calm with mooing,

0.13.33 -0.14.01 Shuffling starts -strong. Followed by one moo, then light shuffling again.

0.14.01 -0.14.32 cooing, can hear people lightly in background, shuffling.

0.14.32 - 0.15.00 good clicks, then moos, then shuffling, calm, then click and moo

0.15.00 - 0.16.05 Good background act - Click and moo, a lot of clicking, then a few moos, very light shuffling

0.16.05 -0.16.49 Click, moo, extended shuffle., then a couple clicks.

0.16.49 -0.17.42 click moo, click, moo, moo, moo, shuffle, strong shuffle!,

0.17.42 -0.18.08 mostly shuffling, some light mooing interspersed

0.18.08 -0.18.53 a couple of light moos, then some shuffling.

0.18.53 -0.19.59 clicks, moo, clicks, moo, light shuffling, then very strong shuffling.

0.19.59 - 0.20.48 click moo, shuffle, waves of shuffling pass through group

0.20.48 -0.21.05 Click moo, shuffle in rapid succession.

0.21.05 -0.21.38 good clear clicks and moos.

0.21.38 -0.23.00 moo, click, moo, quick shuffle, mooing, clicking, quick shuffle, longer, stronger shuffle

0.23.00 -0.23.33 mooing, clicking, shuffling

0.23.33 -0.25.21
Crickets, then moo, then shuffle, very hard shuffle, lighter shuffle, harder shuffle, continued, then calm.

0.25.21 -0.25.58 very light shuffling, click, light moo, harder clicks and moos, crickets

0.25.58 -0.26.48
Crickets, then very low rumbling (human touching branch?) moos, clicks, light shuffling, harder moos, harder shuffling.

0.26.48 -0.27.14 Good click, moo then light shuffling,

0.27.14 - 0.27.46 Good hard click, loud moo, some softer clicks and moos.

0.27.46-0.28.47 Shuffling, crescendo, decrescendo. Several waves of shuffling pass through group.

0.28.47 -0.30.12 Strong clicks, then a series of clicks and moos.

0.30.12 - 0.30.54
Crickets. Treehoppers are silent, then strong click and moo, good shuffling, another soft moo, then stronger shuffling, which dies out.

0.30.54 -0.32.15 Strong click-n-moo, pause with light clicking, then light shuffle. More light mooing. More light shuffling, getting stronger, then dying out.

0.32.15 -0.33.51 Good strong click and moo, long shuffling in waves, dies out.

0.33.51 -0.34.52
soft clicking and mooing, then long mooing by an individual, which gets light shuffling going.

0.34.52 -0.35.48 strong click and moo, light shuffling in waves, then strong waves of shuffling.

0.35.48 -0.37.20 Bright click and moos, waves of shuffling. Light moos with shuffling mixed.

0.37.20 -0.38.11 lots of light mooing, mixed with light shuffling, some feedback.
Intermittent mooing,

0.38.34 -0.40.40 Click moo, shuffling, (strong scraping in parts) soft mooing, into a shuffling crescendo. Long light shuffling

0.40.40 -0.43.00
Click, moo. Light mooing. Light shuffling. (dog barking?) (people in background1', .... feedback.

0.43.00 - 0.44.55 Good long continuous shuffle at end, growing strong.

0.44.55 -0.46.14 light mooing into shuffle, repeat,

0.46.14 -0.46.48 Good click and moo, good shuffle,

0.46.48-0.47.47 Click moo, another good click moo, lighter echos of click moo, then light shuffling.

0.47.47 -0.48.23 heavier shuffling, waves,

0.48.23 -0.50.08 click moo, more clicks and moos, good bright one, then immediate light shuffling, mooing, clicking, then heavy shuffling! Dies down to light shuffling, short moos.

0.50.08 -0.51.12
light shuffling, clicking, moos, shuffling builds and dies, with clicks and moos. Extended shuffling.

0.51.12 -0.52.02
two good click-moos, some cooing, more click moos, then gradually building shuffling, which dies out.

0.52.02 - 0.52.49 good click moo, pause, then shuffling which grows very loud, (scraping), dies down

0.52.49 -0.54.08 really good click moo, scraping, shuffling which increases, mooing, then shuffling again,

0.54.08 -0.55.44 cooing, shuffling, cooing, shuffling, in waves.

0.55.44 - 0.56.42 click moo, shuffling, clicking then shuffle, good clicking. Good cycle!

0.56.42 -0.57.50 click moo, click moo, cooing, gradual build of shuffling, in waves.

0.57.50 -0.59.12 calm, light shuffling, building in waves,

0.59.12 -1.00.22 cooing chorus, clicks, good moos, light shuffling in waves, scraping and cooing at end.

1.00.22 -1.00.55 lots of cooing and light shuffling,

1.00.55 - 1.01.23 strong click, and moo, then shuffling starts and builds with cooing inside. Dies down to cooing and clicking

1.01.23-l.02.22 shuffling, clicking and mooing built in, some good strong clicks and moos,

1.02.22 - 1.03.31 good click and moo, shuffling starts, with clicks and moos, inside. Dies down to mooing, then click shuffle, ends with good strong bright clicks and moos, then shuffling which gets very loud. Great cycle!

1.03.31 -l.04.47 clicking, mooing shuffling.

1.04.47 -l.05.23 click moo, with some crackling sound ... but good clicks and moos. Calm.

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