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Fred Benko, Ed Cassano  







Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary natural history  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
24 Jun 1997 at 14:35

  • United States
    Santa Barbara County
  • Gull Island; South of Santa Cruz Island
  • 33.95139   -119.82583
  • Ocean
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo

Channel Islands
DAT 4 Log
June 24, 1997
1:16 pm

back to MS -leaving the island -Gull Island -recording the skiff going away

1:13 -loading up the boat, leaving the island

VG 1:21 Push it out! Push it out! Alex get in! Rick-.. all right.

2:01 that is a whole coordinated thing there -

?? did I crush your fingers?

?? No, no, I am fine. What a team! What a team! (motor in bg as they take off)

2:12 motor leaving island

2:21 ?? so much for coordination! I wonder if the seals had to go through this kind of ?? never stop paddling! (laughter) See the bottom dropped off there and it got a little deep -

?? That's why I was like -jump in now!

2:46 ?? that was nice. We just passed that sail boat anchored up -people out here to enjoy the sanctuary. They had a nice hammock set up on their bow -

?? we should have asked them if they knew it was a sanctuary (laughter)

3:03AC -they are your countrymen -Steve, they are Australians!

Steve(?) They are -they are flying the Australian flag.

?? -look at that headland -wow that is so beautiful

3:21 -it is a biosphere reserve

?? -that's right -now that is something worth noting about the channel islands. The channel islands also recognizes the man in the biosphere reserve (people talking in bg -not clear)~international recognition from the UN. So both the park and the sanctuary encompass the channel islands of biosphere reserve. As I said it is an international recognition. There are about, I believe there are about 47 biosphere reserves. It provides another level a philosophy of management, and it is certainly an international recognition so this area both has national as well as international type of recognition and we are going to come into the boat here

-4:15 -nice little curve here _

4:28 unloading from dingy, coming aboard boat

4:36 -ok -coming aboard here -we are at the bow line _ we got to make the bow line fast -mov't to get on boat _

ok, just watch yourself as you step up _

5:50 ok -we are going to bring the avon up _ steve are
you ready?

Steve -yes

?? Alex you will just guide it off for a sec _

5:56 -operating the avon (?)

6:15 -?? -we are going to be putting this boat onto the

top of the house

6:17 -operating the avon

6:22 ??
zodiac. -this is about a what ? 11 foot zodiac? 13 foot It has got about a 15 horse power engine on it
operating the machine -through 6:55

6:56 ?? -good! good!

6:57 -fiddling around on boat

7:05 machine on again _

little more! Coming down!

7:16 -how is that? Good!

7:25?? fire up the engines -the boat has twin, 671 Detroit diesels with turbo chargers -we can fire them up right now

7:59-9:26 firing up engine -some talking in bg, engine
going -no talking in bg

9:36 -sea lions with waves in bg



10:44 -moving in closer

11:15 -engine off -sea lions *12:13 sea lions **12:38


13:36 in MS *14:31 *14:51

15:15-16:29 going in closer to sea lions

17:23 -yeah, they are right behind the boat here _checking us out -motor in bg

19:00 bg --waves hitting side of boat / hitting land _ seals

*19:29 sea lions




21:38 -sea lions

22:35 -motor taking off

22:37 (??) that was real Sweet!

*24:37 sea lions

****25:00 sea lion

26:16 Ed -we are actually on the south side of santa cruz island -we are off of a little island called gull island, and as you can see we have a lot of California sea lions hauled out on the rocks, it is a little windy and the water is a little chopped up, but we have got some kelp but it is pretty nice -what do you think of these sea lions alex?

26:37 AC -well I think there are about 30 of them over there that are awful close!

Ed -yea (laughter). As you can see they are pretty friendly animals. Some of them swam over to check us out

AC how do they like kayaks?

ED -they seem to like them. They sometimes mistake them for friendly sea lions -so if one jumps in the boat _ you know, be nice to it!

27:11 -someone paddling by? Bob paddling by?

28:10 -starting the engine up

28:26 radio talk -ed talking? "research vessel byana, research vessel byana this is the zodiac. Steve can you come in?

Steve -zodiac ??

Ed -roger Steve. We are finishing up the operation -it was pretty successful. If you want to bring the byana upthat would be good, ok?

Steve -roger.

(again -this time with motor off)

29:10 Ed -research vessel byana, research vessel byana this is the zodiac on channel 82 over _

Steve -zodiac 82 go ahead

Ed -yea, roger Steve -we finished with the operation up here. Can you bring the byana up -over

Steve -roger.

29:47 -Ed (to AC) we are going to bring the byana up and we are going to go back aboard!

29:50 -Ed -it's probably a little for sea birds

30:27 -Steve -zodiac -byana

Ed -yeah steve, it looks like we are starting to pick up some sea bird sounds -I am sorry to bring you up here but I think we are going to slip up to the rock to see if we can pick up some gull sounds _ Steve -ok. Roger

30:58 Ed (to AC) -we are going to go and see if we can pick up some of the sounds of the gulls

34:52-35:15 sea lions *35:25 -big male approaching

36:18 -Ed -ok Alex (zodiac taking off) we will go up first and give you a hand

37:30 bringing the zodiac in to the big boat _

37:37 -here we go -here you go -grab that ~ all right _

37:56 -ok -go ahead -(getting on to the boat)

NG 38:14 -back on the boat -the photography session ..,.--_.G

43:37-43:58 michael in kayak -paddling

44:48 -paddling -a little wind in bg and some talking,

boat motor in bg

G 49:54 Fred -well, let's see what we got in this little grotto over here (paddling in bg) -this is what we call rock hopping -I like to get into these little places and pounce around G

50:25 -wind picks up, waves get fiercer (?)

52:09-53:37 bird -oyster catcher in bg -but paddling and talking in bg

53:46 -bird


Carolyn asks Fred about the bird -an oystercatcher _ but CAROLYN: it didn't come out bc of talking in bg

1:00:24 Fred -you can see how the rock down here at this end of the island and the whole backside is sedimentary _ it is all laid out -while at the other end it is all volcanic. This is kind of a mix, there is some volcanics mixed in here too -but all the stuff that is up there on the wall is all sedimentary -(talking in bg)

1:02:26 Fred -yeah it is right there (bird in bg -motor too) that is an oyster catcher -the bird that just flew away there -that was that oyster catcher again.

1:05:34 Ed -off mike -we have made the transition from the byana now to kayaks (Fred: yeah). We went for a nice hike on Santa Cruz. This is the south side of santa cruz. it is sedimentary and not volcanic like on the north \ side. We have some good visibility here. We have seen some ?? of kelp -kelp of course is a very important resource for the sanctuary. Both for the animals that live in it and there is a lot of products it is used for

AC -was that golden kelp you showed me this morning?

Ed -bulken kelp -(SOMETHING CHANGES WITH RECORDING) and that one has a particularly large air bladder and very impressive in size -sometime kelp can grow a foot in a day -in its highly productive points and I am stuck in some right now

1:06:27 Fred -you know it is one of those products that I/ people don't realize that everyday you use some. It is \in products that people in a country like the US use it everyday -toothpaste, cosmetics, paint (bg: ice cream!) lice cream -it has a property of making water wetter so you can hold a emulsions -the algae does

1:06:56 Ed -this is another type of kelp right here -the macrosissis? See that air bladder right here? (AC -yeah ) these -each individual ? has an air bladder it.. it keeps the kelp erect from the bottom. it grows 60, 70 feet (Michael talking in bg) of course it needs light -it is a plant so the air bladders in a sense make the plants erect. Now what is fascinating is the hold fast -which the kelp uses to attach itself to the bottom. that hold fast is incredibly strong (more about kelp) they estimate that there are 5, 6 hundred animals that live in the hold fast itself now of course the kelp provides structure. Structure in the water that variety of animals utilize. it provides a nice 3-D structure for the animals to live in.


1:20:15 -1:20:24 paddling wino talking or motor in bg

1:23:44 Fred -these little animals -they are much different from sea lions. One of the very interesting things to me is that they look very much the same, they have similar body shape and same kind of habitat and same dietary things -but they aren't even related. (Michael _ really?) harbor seal and sea lions are 2 totally different stocks. Sea lions are canines. They came from the same stock that wolves came from. These harbor seal here the seals are little bears -when you see them they have got little bear claws on their flippers -front flippers -(to Ed : there was a harbor seal there)

1:25:00-1:25:23 paddling -strong wind, no talking in bg and no boat motor

1:26:11 Fred -~there is a container ship out there~

1:29:33 Fred -that is an oystercatcher that you are hearing (not clear bc motor in bg)

1:29:39 Fred -oh there he is -see him on top of that rock

1:30:04 paddling out to oystercatcher _

1:30:32 oyster catcher -but waves/wind are loud and strong

1:30:49 ok

1:30:59 -1:32:15 surf and wind in bg -but bird is clear

1:32:25 Fred -there he goes, he just took off -that was nice

1:33:41 -paddling -surf strong. Motor in bg

1:37:42-1:43:43 paddling wino motor boat in bg, some talking at 1:40:42

1:45:41 -1:47:47 -boat motor gradually comes up in bg

back on boat

1:58:15 end of DAT

END 7:03 pm

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