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Grayish Saltator -- Saltator coerulescens

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
5 Jan 1999

  • United States
    Monterey County
  • Monterey; Coast Guard Pier
  • 36.60889   -121.89111
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo; Sennheiser MKH40 Cardioid Mid Mic and MKH30 Bidirectional Side Mic

DAT # 6 ??

00:03:23 Tape starts with ambiance barking sea lions and mixed voices. ¿clear thrusters, right toe down hard etc¿¿ Mechanical noises of thrusters spinning. And seals in background. ¿disable thrusters..vhf radio check.¿ Testing all equipment and emergency pack, emergency breathing air etc... Testing lights. Cabin pressure gauge set. Ready to go!

00:12:20 Sounds of hatch opening (?)
Only background ambi. Seals various radios etc.. 00:13:25

00:13:28 Engine starts up- Sounds like a big truck. Purring of engine with occasional radio sounds until 00:17:22

00:17:40 Specific seal barkings 00:18:00

00:18:10 Purring engine again- Chuck narration ¿John¿s arrival¿- inaudible voices occasional

00:23:27 Purring stops. Faint voices audible again ¿Equalize the pressure¿¿ Seals barking.

Jim (?)
00:24:45 Alex are you going out next? What you will find is that this thing really and truly becomes a very natural extension, I mean it¿s a very comfortable sort of weaving around those rock.. I mean you kind of looking over you kind of forget what you are doing and you¿re just looking through the bubble and just kind of floating around it¿s just great. It¿s hard to see, it¿s pretty murky it¿s green and then all of a sudden these things kind of flash in front of you. Sometimes it¿s a big rock right in front of you. (Ha, Ha)

00:25:13 Is it cold?

00:25:15 It¿s cold, it¿s comfortable. You¿ll be ok with that. It¿s actually very comfortable.

More ambiance mixed voices

00:26:33 This is my emergency pack. I¿m going to take it with me.
(talking about twinkies etc¿) Checking hardware coms. Radio testing. Laughing and telling stories.

00:29:05 ¿Opening the oxygen valve and just get very free and loose until it gets snugged up.¿
¿set the bellows¿ Two-way radio ambiance. Placing microphones

00:31:04 Good ambi of hatch squeaking open. Noises of something being inflated.
00:32:30 Clicking and locking noises and then start up of motor with two-way radio noises in foreground. Purring of engine..fades out to seals ambi.00:33:39 Resurge of engine purr¿begins to fade out @ 00:34:29

00:34:59 Loud seal barking echoes and faint engine purring

00:39:33 Chuck voice- temp stop down 00:39:45
seals and motor continues

00:42:22 ¿Alex has rounded the pier.¿

00:45:14 Revving engine sound gets louder

00:50:13 ¿Hi outside world! How was your dive? Ambi :Hatch squeaks again ¿It was wonderful, thank you¿ Conversation between . Alex Chadwick and unidentified man- helping Alex out.

00:51:11 Well that was a radio expedition to go on, I¿ll tell you. That was a dive in a tiny one- person submarine. I got down to 40 ft. but they can take it to 2,000 ft. It¿s a close confined but very comfortable working space. And it¿s a way to see the world as you just can¿t see it. There you are underneath the water but you are dry, comfortable, you can breathe and make notes and look around and see things that are just otherworldly. This is Alex Chadwick, NPR News. 00:51:56

00:51:58 For National Geographic¿s Radio Expeditions this is Alex Chadwick, NPR News at the Monterey Bay in California¿. Seals barking¿

00:53:18 Shutdown

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