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Scott Gardner  







Deepworker 2000 submersible  

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Starting engine, Running engine  








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Compressed air bursts  








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Bubbling water  








NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
3 Jan 1999

  • United States
    Monterey County
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  • 36.80221   -121.78803
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo; Sennheiser MKH40 Cardioid Mid Mic and MKH30 Bidirectional Side Mic

NGS/NPR Radio Expeditions
Monterey DAT #1

ambi :10
sound of an engine. faint talking in the background. poles clanging together. more engine sounds getting closer. machinery noise. more engine ambi with people talking about front belts. Metal sounds. Engine revs up. more clanging-on-metal sounds, like bolts being screwed in and hammering. machinery noise, like something being lowered or raised.

stop-down 10:14
battery change.

...technical problems...

ambi 11:49
loud manipulator (?) sounds up at tank. talking in background.

ambi 13:43
loud manipulator noise stops. now a humming of far away machinery. sounds of dripping water in the foreground. one person talking about telescopes.

ambi 15:06
crane sound.

ambi 18:46
people talking and walking around inside somewhere. laughter. hum of machinery in the background. bits and pieces of conversation float by: ¿ready to go?¿, ¿amen brother¿....

Scott Gardner 22:02
(crowd in the background) he talks about the features of the six-function manipulator and how it works. people are talking behind him. he mentions how you can use the arms from within the sub and pick up live animals. It has a set of control rings so all you have to do is move your arms and the arms on the outside move. You can tell how heavy something is or what texture it is. It¿s not like that carnival game where the claw can¿t pick up the stuffed animals, this machine actually picks things up. The only problem is that the claws work kind of like chopsticks. We don¿t have the advantage because we have opposable thumbs (crabs would rule the world), we have the advantage because we have indexable thumbs.

Sylvia Earle (?) 26:27
(in the background there¿s a lot of chattering) Driving a sub is like driving a car. But it¿s not driving the sub that¿s the problem it¿s what you might encounter down there, currents or if a gidget doesn¿t work. It¿s knowing what to do, when. She¿s just been 50 feet. More chattering crowd sounds.
ambi 30:35
transitional phase. About to put the sub in the tank. ¿We¿re ready to go right now.¿ ¿Let¿s drop it in.¿ Sound of rolling something heavy. conversation in the background about who¿s going to run the crane.

ambi 33:11
the starting and running of an engine. More background conversation.

ambi 35:56
Chuck is going into the inside. He¿s at the tank and waiting¿.sound of humming machinery in the background.

ambi 39:02
Sounds of air bubbles in the water.

ambi 40:13
humming noise of machinery stops. People talking and walking around.

ambi 42:39
sound changes. You feel like you¿re in a small space. People are talking in the background.

ambi 44:42
Two short bursts of air. Then someone declares them ¿good to go¿. another burst of air and some water sounds. regular breathing sounds. Radio communication. water sounds. Clanging of poles. Radio transmission: ¿cabin pressure, 1000, O2 percentage¿¿ ¿O.K. that¿s great, you¿re all set to go¿.

ambi 50:14
radio: ¿leaving surface¿ Man on deck: ¿leaving surface¿¿.you hear water sounds and air bubbles intermingled with people talking. Water noises stop, leaving just humming machinery and background conversation.

ambi 53:28
several large splashing water sounds, like something breaking the surface¿.

Stop-down 57:59
I¿m standing at the tank¿.that was the dropping in of the Deepworker sub into the training tank through the roof. They did the check-outs, you heard it being unhooked from the crane, a driver was put into the sub, and all of that sound that you heard from the moment of the first gurgling was thruster motors and stuff in the tank.

FX 1:00:46
Some ¿surface action¿ is performed (good sound). The Deepworker comes toward the surface. You hear a variety of sounds like the thrusters, the surface of the water breaking, a very loud gurgling (almost like an animal mating call), air bubbles rising to the surface, water dripping, large splashing noises¿.

ambi 1:06:06
metal clanging noises. More humming machinery. People talking. Short bursts of air. Water sounds. Someone says ¿Ah yes, cheating death again¿.

Chuck 1:09:25
I need your full name and what you do.

Scott Gardner
Full name is Scott Gardner and I¿m a pilot diver electronics technician designer for Candive in Vancouver and NEWCO (?).

AC 1:13:52
Alright, I¿m stepping down into this thing. It¿s a tight fit.

SG 1:14:11
Setting AC up for initial dive. So what you have here is your touch screen, you can pull that out. On this side here is all your control switches, you have your VHF radio. We¿ll just stay on VHF radio for this first dive. Right here we have what we call the soft ballast (?), now the soft ballast is basically an inverted cup underneath the submarine and it¿s full of air. And when you go to the flood position it allows the air to come out and the water to flood into the tank losing your buoyancy and you descend. When you blow on that, which is pushing the handle up, it fills that tank back up with air¿now we primarily only use that on the surface. The next set of ballasts you have is on the side here. What you have is two valves and a lever. Now the back valve that says `stop¿ is an emergency hull closure so it stays open¿.more discussing of the valves and Alex tries opening and closing some of the valves¿.

SG 1:16:33
¿he describes the life support system by walking Alex through the different equipment¿while he¿s talking you can hear switches clicking and air rushing out¿.

ambi 1:18:57
Good air burst sounds as Scott manually injects oxygen. This is followed by a hissing sound. More technical talk.

ambi 1:20:19
A plane flies overhead.

SG 1:20:55
More technical talk. Thrusters. Shows him how to use the touch screen. There¿s a neat moment when Scott tells Alex not to push that button yet because it would get Scott really wet ¿ this is followed by laughter and jokes. Scott briefly goes through a series of other technical aspects of the Deepworker. Then he asks Alex is ready.
AC 1:24:34
I haven¿t felt this way since I was 8 and got my first bicycle.

SG 1:24:42
¿.ready to give it a try?¿.O.K. we¿re going to close the hatch. You have to lock the hatch yourself¿.Scott goes into a few specifics and then it begins.

ambi 1:26:33
Sound is different. Sound of metal and some indistinguishable noise. Radio communication.

AC 1:28:34
Through radio communication Alex reports to the surface.

SG 1:28:42
Wants Alex to reassure that scrubber fan is turned on and dictate life support stats¿.

Reports his stats.

Quiet while the engineers are working on getting the crane fired up. When the crane starts up you can hear a low humming of the engine.

SG 1:30:48
O.K. Alex what we¿re doing is we¿re going to have the crane lower you down and then we¿ll completely flood the soft ballast once we have you in the water. Once we have that empty we¿ll work on the hard ballast and get you straightened out.

AC 1:31:00
Roger surface.

FX 1:31:46
Sound of air bubbles breaking the surface of the water ¿ really good sound.

AC 1:33:19
Radio communication with the engineers.

ambi 1:34:11
Metal clanging noises. Another indistinguishable noise, but a good one. Humming machinery in the background.

¿talk ensues between Alex and Scott about flooding the valve¿Alex gives more life support stats over the radio¿.engineer tells Alex what to do for buoyancy¿.then they move Alex to the center of the tank so that Alex can give the thrusters a try¿.

FX 1:42:09
Large air bubbles breaking the surface.

SG 1:42:38
That¿s perfect, now we¿re going to move you away from the wall¿when you feel comfortable pull your touch screen out¿

FX 1:44:13
Surface of the water breaks. Splashing.

SG 1:44:49
This is what we refer to as a tea bag dive because we leave you on a string.

AC 1:45:00
The visual references are all off. The tank appears to be much closer than it is under water than from the surface¿.

FX 1:45:32
More breaking of the water surface and splashing. Metal clanging. Loud engine noise starts up.

SG 1:49:02
Tells Alex to disable his thrusters¿.it¿s time to get out¿.

The sounds of the Deepworker being pulled out. Scott tells Alex how to wrap it up. Alex opens the hatch and comes out.

SG 1:52:32
¿cheated death once again.¿¿.they joke about how the jumpsuits come in three lovely colors, gray, gray and gray.

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