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NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
7 Jun 1998

  • Ecuador
  • Galapagos Islands; Isabela Island; Urvina Bay
  • -0.29639   -91.36056
  • Marine Shoreline
  • Island
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo; Sennheiser MKH40 Cardioid Mid Mic and MKH30 Bidirectional Side Mic through Sonosax Preamp into Sony TCD7

DAT #7

engine running, bckgd talking,

0:21 jw drilling begins, push! push!

talking about drilling, but off mic.

4:22 rd now we need our core collector,

hammering, banging against metal @4:20-5:17

okay how long is the piece?

That's about four inches that we've cut

5:43 jw okay let's do it again!

6:00 rd Okay ready?

jw --start her up.

7:41 jw
oh we broke it, see this is what happens.
Water rushing sound

moving equipment.

9:43 rd
okay ready,? Let's get it lined up as best we can. scraping metal sounds, drilling begins

to 11:08 uh oh, (drilling stops, sounds stuck)

there's something in there 11:29

11:57 jw
well they make these lobes and the lobes continue side by side and there's this dead zone or discontinuity so when you go in there with the drill it makes it hard to ...

12:48 shoveling, scraping ...

13:03 rd we're not going to be able to work with that core ...

14:37 rd
this fits tog nicely and we'll be able to work with that but rather than deepening that hole I think we're better off moving on to another ... send out search team look for big head ...
Alex asks how they feel

16:08 jw? how many expletives am I allowed to bring out ...

17:26 rd
can probably only work with the upper 50-60 years .... which is act quite something anyway, but don't uh, if you feel yourself getting overheated, take a break and sit in the shade, its pretty intense here midday.

More drilling-v loud, voices in bkgd

trying to get sounds of drill wlo talking

22:53 rd and jw okay you ready, drill going in, engine in bkgd *** to 24:00 drilling ends,

24:20 see its binding up blc ofthese little globby things, chisel?

27:25 there's a lot of debris in here

jw can you feel it?

--yeah I can feel it. Is it loose? no its not loose, there's just so much debris ...27:40

29:10 speaking in spanish, over radio 29:39 vg.

34:23 Leo
Sunday still, 7th, very close to waters edge and just recording, ms, undecoded, mkh 30,40 sonosax 2 d-7.

35:23 to 43:00 Waves, ambi¿ a lot of wind, aggressive sounding ocean. .

43:07 leo
okay it is the afternoon of Sunday the 7th here we are,

in Urvina bay in Isabella, trying to clear away the thron bushes from a coral that was uplifted during a geological event, 2nd one of the day.

Moving brush

45:25 rd trying to clear brush away

@46:26 good, banging on something, sonnds of brush! plants being moved to 46:45

47:18 doing a little gardening here (off-mic) more of same sounds, groaning 49:37, breathing.

51:00 rd (distant) you think that's it?, you think that's it

51:12 hey jerry, rob wants to know if you're sure that's it?

51:18 jw I'm not snre of anything.

51:29 I remember this being the spot

how big is it supposed to be?

Jw (Off-mic)

51:46 jg describes big coral

53:29 jw
well after clearing it, it looks like what we found here is the v large coral has erroded away by half it was a big fissure here that sep two halves of the colony why that erroded diff to the other one we don't know ... now after forty yrs this coral here ... beg to show erosion or crumbling at the top ...its a matter of another 3-4 el ninos or less and its a goner. So we're going to drill at the top and get as much of an record as we can ...

ac how long did it take you to clear brush?

54:25jw well we worked about an our before lunch, and now an hour after ... without the proper instruments ... the spiniest bush in gal. We're smarting from scars from that one... .

54:42 ac you're covered in sweat and dirt ... you don't look like a coral scientist. jw
--I'm not I'm a gardener. laughing

58:03 bird calls, very still, some talking in bkgd

1:00:38 ac
okay we've come about another quarter of a mile through brush and rock and we've come to a pile lava rock we're trying to get to where dr dunbar says he thinks be's found tbe site. Its just a hellish way to go I hope he's wrong bc if we have to bring the engine and drill over here its not going to be easy its over this jumbo pile of rocks and beyond...sounds of climbing over 1:01:25

1:01:28 ac we've gone kind of in a circle ... I think we were much closer when we started out.

@1:02:11 sounds ofclimbing, breathing, etc.

@1:03:15 walking in sand (good) getting closer to talking can here rob ...

mics getting jostled

1:04:32 what do you think? Its amazing isn't it? (off-mic)

all talking off mic

1:08:55 (a bit low) ben? oh there's gotta be a better way into that coral

1:09:05 Alex distant scream

trying to get closer to the big coral, leo can't get up there with equipment

1: 12:58 this would be one way of scraping the family jewels really bad
--1:13:05 it's called the galapagos vasectomy

leo more groans

1:13:13 it's fire man, its fire.


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