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NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
11 May 1998

  • 30.59972   -176.56778
  • Ocean
  • Marine
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Dual-Channel Mono

Yorktown Dive 1 LOG
Neal Conan, reporter
DAT #14

00:00:00 -00:00:56 ambi aboard boat (00:40 -NC -"just after dawn, Monday May 11 ... ) setting up for dive

00:00:57 some talking in bg

00:01:12 NC -had a rainbow off the port side a few mins ago (off mic) .

00:01:15 walking around, some talking off mike

00:02:01 ?? -what do we want the dot set at? "prob not 14 ... I still have to set that

00: 02: 16 "we have a couple of mins while we are waiting for cable"

2:40 -good ambi (no talking) 2:47-3:43 VG ambi -thrusting sound (launching submersible?)

3 : 3 5 ambi -quieter" " "

4:04 -4:46 ambi VG loud again

4:47 quieter ¬

5: 11 start up again, then quiet

5:3 7 "30 at the gate" (?)

5:40 "Water!" (laughter) FX -splash!

5:42-7:39 walking around deck -water on deck. ... some talking in bg about raining this morning

7: 47 "will you give me a wind speed direction"

7:53 "I can't give you a wind speed -direction -it's almost directly into the seas ... " (?)

8:07 "and the direction of the current was? From 0-9-0 ...

8: 10 ambi. .. talking in bg -boat engine

9: 11 VG "all right -listen up -this is chief?? at my side, safety officers It. Dryer. On the deck sup ..... petty officer McCloud, Petty officer Ruby .... RCD will be petty officer Katzer (going through all names of people involved) 9:49 after we submerge the vehicle starboard section will take the watch as petty officer Katzer is the supervisor, petty officer Drewy is the pilot, petty officer Thomas is the co-pilot, petty officer Elsner is TCS with DocSanti as UI. Deck watch will be petty officer Ruby, and messenger recorder will be petty officer Wackter. Port section will ..... (questions -) port section is taking watch -starboard section will eat and relieve at noon. Supervisors for port section (he names them) 10:51 This is dive 98 14 tack 217. Material conditions are as followed: left stereo -we have no focus control on the left stereo it is fixed -forward camery is OOC .... and the ox lights will not cycle -he can not power them down 11:26 the 1200 watts HMI's have been removed and we have no navigation bc the NT 39 system is down .... 11:42 temporary standing orders in effect: ..... 3 tech 98 which is NA bc 1200 watts has imploded 11:59 objections of this dove are to find the Japanese carrier KAGA or any ships lost at the bottom and hopefully reach the bottom safely this time. The wind is from 0-9-0 at about 10 knots. Current is .6 knots to 270, wave height is about a foot but the swells are about 4 to 6 they are running in sets of 3, sometimes in sets of 4 12:29 -the weather is clear and calm, we are not expecting any changes to the weather. Sea state is too. Depth by sounding it is an MR 1 is 18000 feet. Have any questions? 12:50 Lt ....

12:50 Lt -all right -safety briefs: remember when you are working in the area wear your hard hat and steel toe shoes -lifejackets -if you are handling the steel rope gloves. Also remember on this dive we have a lot of material discrepancies so if you see something you think is unsafe make sure you inform your supervisor. Everybody has to pay attention bc we have a lot of things a lot material that we usually use that is out of commission 13:13

(another guy talking about swells in water ... )

13:43 We are going to need to keep the forward thruster on so we are not chasing our heading this time ..... (talking off mic)

14:02 during cycles we had to function .....

14:21 anything else? All right, let's man it up!

ambi -walking around on wet deck -machines ... through 15: 56

15: 58 ambi -up close to sub.? Diff. Kind of sound

17:22 -17:24 good FX -clanking 18:26 -FX SPALSH -putting the submersible into water (?) -VG ambi through (some yelling in bg) 19:05

19:06 "Breaks on!"

19:08 -19:48 ambi more of above

19:49 "Hey take it forward float!" (?) 19:55-21:06 VG ambi -lowering sub in? sound of cables?

21:20-25:01 inside a diff Room -ambi -people talking ... japanese people talking ... some "static" on recording ... (Neal's voice in bg -I think. .. )

25:02 "What did you do? Take a shower?" (able to hear intercom btwn 2 Navy officials ?) 26:00-27:18 ambi inside room,

talking in bg

27: 19 -more talk on intercom ... 28:00-31:02 room ambi .....

31 :03 door slam 31:05-37:32 room ambi -people talking .....

37:33 "TCS deck -raise the hanging shoot" ??

38:03 "highlight -mark calms pis." ?77?

38:27 "TCS pilot, 26 85, 59 temperature ... "

38:32 -room ambi

39;35 -"TCS deck -you still need to raise the hanging shoot." More room ambi thorugh 42:01

42:02 "Sup -go into 58 -we just had a GPS jump of 50 meters" (7) "alright -" "Sup up deck -tell the roof vertical" more room ambi through

44: 10 "sup nor reinitialize the ren-6"

more room ambi through 49: 16

49:17 "17 2" "172"

more room ambi through 52:09

52:10 -"17 10" "17 -1 0" more room ambi through 53 :05

53 :05 "Sup navigator -the GPS is FM ?? so we are going to be backing down on the wave point"

"Where did the wave point go?" "16 0 meters bearing 082"

53:20 -more room ambi 53:40

53:41 "Now sup, how far off are you?" "155 meters"

"??watch the tether" "tether is vertical -I am watching it -I am all over it"

54:07 room ambi through 56:32

56:33 "?? what's the tether look like?"

"Tether is pointed port, tad bit towards the ship" "alright keep an eye on them."

"With the wave action it is pushing towards the ship and then it goes to vertica1." More room ambi though

57:27 -door slam.

58:58 door slam

58:25 -"sup act deck (?) -still vertical" room ambi with some static from radio in bg through 1 :04:47

59:57 door slam

1:04:49 "Sup ... tether still vertical"

more room ambi

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