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William F. Surgi, Jr.  








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Robert Ballard  







Conversation; USS Yorktown search  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
10 May 1998

  • 30.59972   -176.56778
  • Marine
  • Ocean
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Dual-Channel Mono

Yorktown Log
DAT #13

Bill Surgi in Carpenters shop

008 what I'm doing I'm making some little frames

013 BS scrounging around the ship I found some plexiglass to cover and some mahogany to make the frames of a medallion I'd been given when I attended the reunion of the Hiryu in 1993, and since H is one ship is in group we're looking for I reproduced it by rubbing it with aluminum foil so it looks like a duplicate but it's very fragile, so I have to make a hard case to put it in, so this is like a presentation case for the Japanese, they're not supposed to know, but they've been inquisitive, so I tell 'em I'm making a souvenir picture frame for their sweetheart. and we'll give one to Dr B and each of the japanese will get one, and on the back we'll put on, In search of, and the names of the ships and the date. 103

442 sandpapering pause sandpaper 'almost' 552 bangs it down a little bitty
more, it's almost there boy its clsoe more elbow grease 702 there good fit! I
knew it would work. (laffs) 709

819 distant ambiance on carpenter's shop, Surgi shuffling in bkgrnd.
sandpapering (distant)958

11101 (BB 54 hours, starting now, available for work, 2 12 hr dives leaves you
36, yeah well, and I don't think we'll do all that here, so if we have a strong
believable target, and possibly a second believable, we're outta here.1129
Don't, you want to dive, first? They don't want to. why not? that was last I
heard.. Why care, I don' t know, have to revisit. Want to be able to fix on the
transit. But I'd rather sit on Y and make it happen.

1202 CH if we had a bad dive on Y again? we'd sit there., I think the next
dive is going to be marginal, but it might not be, so I want it to be on Y

1219, takes em 2 days to fix it if they break it? depends, probably not. The
probability is some sub-system, that got damaged, not major.

1242 DM they are, by the way bottlenecked on Chief Swarm, bottlenecked on
swarm, the only person who can do things. Not an issue now, but in a tight spot, can throw some more resources. Jay is working with them? CO they came in and he's working on their video cameras./ BB so we'll just go with it, don't have to make a decision now so we wont. Basically midnite now, six in the morning up there, right, no longer, Plenty of time, this will not take 24 hours. we've got I think we can be out of here in a day, which leaves 30 hours on sit at Y, that's alot, for one really good dive, or one bad one and another Id rather throw my hours in there. I want to see Y before I die. 1430

1448 BB that is a shadow, too. That is a shadow. that's a shadow! look at that
dude. You don't think that's a hill, no hill there, Hmm. That's brand new, left
lobe Look at that shadow. wow look at that shadow 1530 (bluegrass mzk)

Sunday 5/10

2834 BB So, midnight tonight. The witching hour is there a full moon, I think it was a couple of night ago. We're working two targets and a possible third. are these the 3, no they're too big, it's these little guys, this one maybe, he's working this over. Okay, allright.2950

Swarm shows us the damage. almost all cameras out, along with much of the electronics that allows the vehicle to be remotely controlled working night and day to get as much capability back as possible.

3309 SW we also lost our navigation system, the NT-39's, so won't have a track to know where vehicle's at NCQ so when you get to the bottom, you won't know where you are? Basically. We know that we can only be about 400 feet away from ship, because that's how long the whip is, the cable will hang straight down fof the most part because its so heavy (wave) wet back here isn't it? It sure is. Addition challenge, in addition to all these repairs is fighting seas and dodging waves. 3340

3530 SW after explosion like that, we're probably going to be fighting little problems probably for the next 3 months 3536

3718 snip, tools, snip (ow my eye) 3801 big wave, Chief swarm reacts

3840 more work ambi snip. 3946 do you want to lave this bracket on here? SW ah yeah, cause you have to hold the bolt in there 4000


4323 BA the interesting this is that the orientation is right on this guy. Oblique to track line, this time we came at it like this and its more or less parallel to track line, DM so its that double guy. What's the length on there BB 3 kts 21 pings at 3 kts (calculations)

to dry lab for calculations 270 meters about the length of the ship.

4935 BB -921 feet, 812. The beam spread. Bingo! (I'll do it again, always do it multiple times) found it Chuck, you found it, (how many just one) 5118 921 feet long target for tonight, no, we want to dive on Kaga, not akagi. Kaga, Akagi. BA that is the third pass over this target, roger, roger, roger roger, boy the strike on those two is exactly right. The bearing isn't quite right. 037 vs. 021, but this is where there on the bottom and range is six miles, so within view of one another CH And they smell like ships everyway they can? BB they smell like shops. And we've eliminated everybody else, All these other guys turned out to be dirt? Rocks, bumps. So far 5232. So we're now going to nadir them, measure their height ( use fathometer) quick and dirty dive. Our job is to eyeball it and then run for Yorktown.

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