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Craig Quirolo  







Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary; Reef Relief  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
Sep 1997

  • United States
    Monroe County
  • Key West
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DAT # 4

CQ = Craig Quirolo
AC = Alex Chadwick

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0:27 cq My name is Craig Quirolo and i'm director of marine projects for reef relief

0:35 ac And would you give me a citation for the study--the thousand % increase, who did that study?

0:41 cq this study was conducted through the epa's water's quality program that concerns the fl keys nms

and the findings?

the findings are ...not official in that they had 15% more work to do on their l30 stations but we were told back in july ... he said that their preliminary findings were that the coral disease in the fl keys has increased at the rate of 1000% over the last year ... and this was a premature release ...

1:44 ac when you look at something like this and you think about the sanctuary program that's est and running how do you feel about the sanctuary.

1:53 cq well we... what we like to do is use the coral reef as our determination of what we're doing on land whether its proper or not proper. .. ( airplane)

2:14 cq the findings that we got from dr. porter bout the rapid increase of coral diseases and its relationship to the marine sanctuary is is rather interesting because we do have water quality programs however we like to use the state of the reef or the health of the reef to tell us whether we're doing the proper things on land as far as living in harmony with the coral reef and from all the signs that we've seen, the thousand % increase ... the bleaching that's taking place the rapid changing of our waters ... green rather than clear and blue we seem to be very concerned about the water quality program and we're hoping that they don't get involved in alot of bureaucracy in that there won't be any action that's taking place ...

3:05 cq for ex the city of key west pumps out 10,000 gallons of secondarily treated sewage into the marine sanctuary everyday and this is a great concern of ours.

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3:28 ac what more would you like to see the sanctuary doing?

3:33 cq we would like to see the sanctuary take a stronger role in the local water quality issues #1 we'd like to really se them endorsing cess-pit elimination program for the keys we'd like to see them endorse treatment that's needed for the fl keys we'd like to see them endorse advanced water treatment for the city of key west unfortunately this issue dealing with sewage is not very popular and we're finding that the sanctuary is trying to stay away from unpopular items such as sewage, sewer treatment plants and upgrading cess-pits so #1 weld like to see the sanctuary take more of an active role-

and know its not very popular, we understand the politics involved in it yet because of the rapid decline of our corals we're up against the wall here, the second thing weI d like to do is stop the flooding of florida bay with the ag water uh which was started about six years ago in extreme proportions-¬

4:45 cq we've found that the nutrient levels have increased that the water is turning greener. ..and we're finding that this water is actually increased the coral diseases on our reef to the extent that if we don't stop that flow of dirty water i don't see where the fl keys reefs are going to continue so we'd like to see the sanctuary take the unpopular role like we do and get to the heart of these problems and this takes alot of education... and really most of the problems assoc. with the coral reef are directly associated with human health conditions. I mean improving sewage treatment not only helps the reef, it keeps are waters cleaner for humans I mean these things go hand in hand.

5:33 cq the same thing with florida bay ... (pesticides) we do have major problems no w concerning mercury build-up in fl bay.

6:05 ac does that have something to do with the everglades restoration? their trying to get more water through there

6:10 cq it has a lot to do with the everglades restoration and we're hoping that we find that its a real hard problem you know we flooded the everglades to build south florida and we Ire really in a stymie right now I think trying to bring it back to its natural state is near impossible we need a comp plan that will allow water to flow into the everglades and not into the bay of Florida

6:45 cq the amount of water and the quality of the water is not acceptable

NMS is a new concept extending public conservation

7:44 ac how do you explain that, because here in this county 55% of the people voted against
the sanctuary 55% of people say "no I'm more worried about what i can do on that reef .. II

7:02 ac the marine sanctuary even though its 25 years old its still a pretty new idea some people have never even ... its a new concept extending the idea of public conservation into the sea ... and when you do something new like that in a country like this where indiv rights are revered than prob anywhere else in the world you run into a conflict inevitably between indiv and public rights -(how do you talk to people who are concerned about how the sanctuary will affect their private rights)

8:05 cq well I think you have to look at the heart of the problem not only in the keys and in us but globally, we have increased populations and we have increased near the shorelines...and as you increase pop you have to manage the people, you have more people its like traffic, as traffic gets bumper to bumper you've got a put a few stoplights in ...there's no question that management is necc. Its just how do you feed these management policies to a group of americans who treasure their independence and their way of thinking, again it comes down to education we have to let people know that there is too many of us ...

8:59 cq now the problem that we have with the name sanctuary is that a lot of people think that just because you acknowledge something ... or deem it a nms it doesn't mean that all of the problems are going to go away, it really means that you are acknowledging this area as an area that needs attention and focus I hate to use the word management all the time because what we need to do is to instill upon the millions of visitors and the people that live here is more of a feeling of responsibility we are res. For the reef we can't just think that the marine sanctuary is resp for the reef

9:40 cq a lot of people think that now that its a sanctuary that they're going to solve all of their problems well that's... the problems are solved by each individual ....

9:58 cq I can't believe that sewage is a controversial issue in the keys, I thought that most americans knew that sewage in the water that you swim in or live next to ...

10:36 cq one of the things we would like to see done .. .literally 90% or more of those boats pump their holding tanks into water ...

11:11 cq would like to see sanctuary ... really start an education program that hits home to every key west citizen.

Talk about sanctuary putting in private pump out stations at dock¬

12:22 ac does the marine sanctuary have enough of an environmental focus as far as you're concerned?

12:29 cq I think that should be their only focus ... however early on when the sanctuary advisory committee was started which was a group of private people to give their opinions to the sanctuary development plan its loaded up with industry ... the dive industry, national environmental gr. that have rather large agendas, fish collecting people, its we look at the sanctuary as being too generous to the comm. industries in the fl keys if you look at the 900 pp management plan there is one or two paragraphs that pertain to divers and snorkelers we have the largest dive fleet in the world ...

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