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Jim Dayton, Bill Seegar  







Peregrine Falcon  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
7 Oct 1996

  • United States
    Accomack County
  • Assateague Island; Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge; Wash Flats
  • 37.96333   -75.29667
  • Marine Shoreline
  • Beach
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=2: 1=L, 2=R; Stereo

DAT #2
Bill Seegar

[Note: [VG=Very good]
[NVG=Not very good]

[In the truck roaring along the wash flats -two falcons are looking over lure .... ]

BS: [NVG. do not use this]. We are in the process of recollecting that yellow bird, and we have another bird next to it....not dyed yellow, not been captured by us on this beach ..... they're immatures, they're kids ... the birds that have already have been caught have a higher affinity for being captured again ... we're in the process of trying to lure the unmarked bird in -also lure the yellow bird... we're going to start to capture these birds ..... we work 'em from down

JD: these birds have probably not been flying for more than a month and a half. they're not put off by the truck, it's a blind, not a threat. split them up, divide and conquer without scaring them away.
........[more NVG]

*FX: 00:11:25 Truck accelerates, open/close door¬ commotion...11:53 [snagging tercel and other falcon]
that doesn't usually happen -that bird broke loose of the trap.... [note: they capture bird and release .... NVG

FX -outside of the truck -with falcon [note -practically no outside ambience -very quiet]

BS: We catch the yellow bird.... [give band number] NVG
[bird is in the truck] Alex fiddling with camera NVG
[explain about their eyes ..... NVG [but do mention their eyes in the script] they can perceive objects at a great distance .... and focus rapidly at great speeds ..... have a ? membrane that covers the eye. then at night has a lid that covers eye when sleeping. can see color too.

Q; Preybrids can recognize their behavior at great distances. these birds make a living with their eyesight .... this bird weighs about 950 grams = 2 pounds....basically the adult female is about 900-1000 grams. males = 500-650 grams.
FX: ***23:12 Horses going by -windy 24:20 Horse whinnies -but quite distant.
In the truck -driving along

BS: 26: 21 * They're migrating, they've got a good wind to fly. They don't have great conditions to be high, so they're close to the ground, and we're seeing them. 26:28
..... *They're inexperienced little fighter pilots in these guys, but they still got a jet plane that goes, and these guys can go, and they out-fly almost anything around here, and when they get driven by hunger, the instinct of prey overcomes everything else, and they can fly stuff down and get it..... " [28:07]

They're extraordinary beasts, the peregrine, really.

FX: 28:40 Truck acceleration plus wind

[pickup at 29:56]
Banding and painting falcon on wash flats continued.
Logging in with beep/beep/beeps

34:06 -Door slam and taking off after an unidentified peregrine on the wash flats ... birds could just start to stream through here...... 35:17 FX roaring along/windy + BS: This is a good spot to see and spot one right in front of us....need a hat....remember that spot.....driving and slow down, stop [NG].
38:12 Truck takes off and good acceleration [VG] -39:50 [doesn't turn out to be a good chase though, so conversation in the truck is not so good. 41:54 -more truck acceleration and no talking + truck stop 42:50 + door slam [clean] + truck starts again and takes off [clean and quiet -no talking [VG acceleration bed] + truck stop and door slam 44:55. BS: "Ok Let's go catch a hawk". [then NVG] BS talks about blond birds = blond passage falcons [phone call from Mike Yates] BS: Mike caught an adult female on the north end -22 miles away....not keep it for satellite transmission.....meant to be caught and released on the spot which is what we do when we put a satellite transmitter on. FX -49:53 Birds from inside truck -mic outside -geese flyby overhead 50:29
1:04:00 -FX -fiddling in the truck with bands. BS: .... [off mic] Immature female, unbanded....never caught before. [FX of falcon chirping?} This bird looks like a typical quiet mild mannered bird, not bird that will make a lot of noise. Let's take her over and band her and get her all fixed up for the migration........ [shut off truck] ..... They're really tame....
[chains sound = bands FX] Passage falcon...We're going to band it -180740527 These are basic Fish and Wildlife service bands made out of aluminum and have a number on them. then we will report the numbers, species

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