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Rogelio Cansari  







Embera Tribe  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
24 Mar 1995

  • Panama
  • Union Choco meeting house
  • 8.13809   -77.61566
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo; Sennheiser MKH40 Cardioid Mid Mic and MKH30 Bidirectional Side Mic

PANAMA -Darien Logs
DAT #1 [MS -Sennheiser -MKH 40 & 30 -figure of 8]
O:OO:36 -Session at Union Choco Meeting House -Tony. Jeremy, Alex discussing what wm be doing next day...... Pop music in background... .
Jeremy Jackson (JJ) speaking and laughing in Spanish.... Talking about what time to leave in the morning..... and how far it is to different localities on the river.....

3:28 Jeremy explains in English what trying to decide...issues are the distance and timing...

3:39 Tony Coates (TC) we have a problen1 in that we need to trade off between how much we walk up the river because it's dry that we know have fossils versus how much titne we spend going up the rh'er in the boat ...which we know has fossils far up but which is drier (3::=i:-)

3:57 Biff Bermingham (BB) The other possibility is that if we walk up tomorrow morning early and it's good, we can stay up there, we cannot rush, then tomorrow. we can go up the Tuira. (JJ) which would be fun, (TC) that would actually be the best of all worlds (4:15) .... (JJ) and it's new for us .... how far can we walk in day.......(More in Embera re. how far. ..) (JJ) Are there good steep banks....? more in Embera and Spanish... and English -laughter.....

[Note: music has stopped]

7:48 - TC: They have been very accurate in predicting things before

7:58 - AC: How far is it this place they are talking about?

TC: we can leave at 2 o'clock and get here by 5:00......... .


9:13 -AC: what's the idea? TC: They could build a raft our of bamboo .... drift down the river and put the rocks on the back of that...
*9:30 -Rogelio: (in Spanish first) Yappe .... we all agree Yappe tomorrow .
AC -so what time do we get started.......6:00 [Dogs ....] ...We're going to eat at 5:30...leave at six....... (Leo): In other words we're going to see the sunrise again......... have six people..... if we bulk sample, it gets very heavy..... .
we're now discussing how many people we want to come with us.... two for the fish and four for the rocks. you have need two more.....Embera carry more than 40....can carry 100......
Biff is asking if any of them can identify fish in their own language....

*13:14 -Ie -OK so the plan for tomorrow is that we'll get up early, "we'll go up the river first, two people to help you with the fish, 4 people to help with the rocks. If we find good stuff, we make it the whole day, if we
don't go on up the Tuira.....

BB -It sounds to me as if we've decided to make it the whole day..

TC -The signs, look good. this is a river that Jeremy has a star by from the collections in the museum so we know Olson went up the Yappe in 1920 and found very good material, so the risk is worth it because we have a known possibility .....

AC -so we're going to start off by boat...

JJ -No, we're going to walk from here

TC Apparently it's so dry that we can't...we'll take the trek from here with guides...go straight to where they know are interesting outcrops....then work our way down....

JJ: and when we do this, think of this guy Olson who did it in 1919 by himself and there were no outboard motors ... and this was all forest, deep forest. it wasn't agricultural land....and when he walked up the rivers it was all dark, it was a completely different world. and that man walked up all these rivers and made these collections.....Very few places where Axel Olson wasn't before.... [15:22]

15:49 Interview with Rogelio Cansari, anthropologist and member of the Embera tribe, Embera people, Embera nation.... [46:29]

46:40 - ambience only til 47:19

AC: The President has a house here..... How does he come....

RC -He comes by helicopter

AC: Why does he have a house here?
RC -He likes the Embera people....this is like a Paradise.....
AC -This is not really a village....1.500 people living here?
RC -I don't know but this is one of the most large village.....
48:32.... more ambience. dogs, sweeping, faint background music, pouring water for the dishes ....[50:37].
50:43 - END

Note: *Star means pretty good: ** Great *** Outstanding: **** Must

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