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David Doubilet, Wes Skiles  







Ginnie Springs, Florida  

NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
5 Aug 1993

  • United States
    Gilchrist County
  • Ginnie Springs
  • 29.83015   -82.68311
  • Cave
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Split track

David Doubilet and Wes Skiles
Ginnie Springs, FL


WS: One of the things we haven't talked about, see start that over again...
DD: What are we gonna talk about?
WS: Well one of the really neat things that we've seen exploring caves is we've gone down into these un¬derground rivers exploring a long passage, uh...
(voice above)
DD: Oh okay, let's set up the cameras.
WS: Yeah that's a good idea.
Chuck: We will not need talk, we just the swim around as a matter of fact we'd rather not have anybody say anything.
DD: Okay.
WS: All right we're going to it.
DD: Look at me, I'm as helpless as an aborigine....
(surface instructions)
DD: Okay.
Chuck: Is there any more dramatic sound that you do down there of any nature something you probably haven't thought about that you want to do ...
DD: I think we should get the natural sounds, uh Chuck, of our swimming, oh, shit.
(surface voice)
DD: And uh the only other thing I can think about is the uh pepperoni pizza that that uh Wes is gonna bring up in his mask.
Chuck: That's great I can hardly wait to see it.
DD: That sounds a little bit like the Trevi Fountain I believe.
Chuck: Sounds like a Technicolor yawn.
DD: You know that old song three heaves in the foun¬tain....Where's the other camera.
WS: Yeah it's on the way.
DD: Okay what are we gonna do we're gonna swim urn toward the camera and back?
WS: Yeah.
VOICE: Actually between them, around them across them.
DD: How's your air situation?
WS: I got plenty.
DD: I got fifteen. Uh, uh-huh.
WS: Ah-ah-ah.
DD: Wait, you're caught.
WS: Oh wait oh no I'm caught oh no. Don't film it no I don't want to see me go like this!
DD: Why do you have these dreams doctor? I have dreams I'm caught in the caverns down below.
WS: Oh, yeah. I've got my safety diver knotted up so he can't go anywhere without me.
DD: Oh, god. Wes has now proceeded to truss his safety diver up like a Christmas Turkey. What are you doing?
WS: You okay? Yeah he says he's okay. Great sport, huh? Swimming around where you can't go straight up. You go straight up and you run into solid rock.
DD: Boink.
WS: Like I just did.
DD: Oh, hear that one? Uhh.
WS: You have to retrace your steps you gotta go back out the same way you came. Okay. Here we come David.
DD: Okay. We got the cameras rolling?
WS: Yup.
DD: Okay here we go. No sound.
Breathing, end of tape.

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