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Brian J McCaffery
24 Jul 2008 at 00:00

  • United States
  • Ingakslugwat Hills
  • 61.37   -161.9886
  • 200 meters
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • Dan Gibson Parabola 45.7cm/11cm (18in/4.3in)
    Equipment Note

0:03 - Faint Gyrfalcon wail transitioning to food beg, 0:10 - female flies off from nest, 0:26ff - male chitters while female wails, apparently during food exchange (first of the day), 0:58 - 1:03 female returns to nest with large (ptarmigan-sized) hunk of meat (first trip to nest by female with food). Gyrfalcon chicks heard squealing and chuffing throughout minute. Also CLSW, BLSC, FOSP, WCSP, and perhaps OCWA.

As male Gyrfalcon circles, female begins feeding chicks with bouts of chatter starting at 1:15, and intermittently throughout minute. Chicks audible. Throughout this take, the female chatters regularly when she was feeding chicks. She did not chatter when she was feeding herself from the same fresh carcass. At some points you can actually faintly hear the sounds of her tearing the carcass apart. Also BLSC, CLSW, REDP, WIWA, OCWA, WCSP, YWAR, NOWA. Gyrfalcon female chatter as she continues feeding chicks, which also continue calling. Also FOSP, YWAR, BLSC, WCSP, OCWA, CLSW.

Gyrfalcon female chatters throughout, also wails at 3:07 as male flies past nest; male wails in distance at 3:28, 3:36, and 3:58 (2 wails); chicks heard throughout minute. Also AMRO, CLSW, OCWA. Gyrfalcon female chatters, with chick squeals throughout; male wails at 4:18-4:21 (3), 4:38, and 4:48. Also CLSW, OCWA, GCTH. Gyrfalcon female chatters, male wails at 5:14, 5:41, and 5:57; chicks chuffing at 5:18, then quickly back to squeals. Also GCTH, OCWA, AMRO, CLSW, ATSP, NOWA, WCSP. Gyrfalcon female chatters, male wails at 6:42 (2); also chick chuffing and squeals. Also OCWA, NOWA, FOSP, CLSW, ATSP, REDP, WCSP, AMRO, YWAR. Gyrfalcon chicks chuffing from 7:00 ff until 7:15, again about 7:20.

Best series of female chattes so far from 7:25 - 7:55; chicks heard during this bout. Also FOSP, AMRO, WCSP, ATSP, WCSP, CLSW, OCWA, AMPI. Gyrfalcon female chatter and chicks chuffing and squealing; also WCSP, FOSP, ATSP, REDP, YWAR. Gyrfalcon chicks chuffing;no calls by adults (female feeding herself); also FOSP, AMPI, REDP, YWAR, ATSP, WCSP, CLSW, AMRO. Great female Gyrfalcon chatter from 10:25-10:38; chicks calling as well during minute; also WCSP, FOSP, AMPI, GCTH, SAVS, REDP.

Gyrfalcon chicks chuffing; also GCTH, FOSP, WCSP, REDP, CLSW, YWAR. Gyrfalcon male wail at 12:47; also chick chuffing and a little female chatter; also REDP, GCTH, CLSW, WCSP, YWAR and possibly BLSC. 13:23 ff: loud Gyrfalcon chick squeals, female chatter, and one male wail to 13:40 (especially before 13:30); good chick and female from 13:52-13:57. Also REDP, WCSP, CLSW, BLSC.

At 14:07, female flushes from the nest with the remainder of the carcass, distant male call heard at 14:10. Second distant wail (male?) at 14:44. Chicks chuffing until 14:19, then again later in minute. Also FOSP, REDP, WCSP, BLSC. Female returns to nest at 15:08 without vocalizing and with empty talons, then settles onto brood. A few more bouts of chick chuffing, then silence. AlsoFOSP, REDP, WCSP, AMWI, BLSC

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