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Tern colony  







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Low plane fly over  







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Tern colony  







NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions
May 2000

  • United States Minor Outlying Islands
    Palmyra Atoll
  • Cooper Island
  • 5.88333   -162.08333
    Recording TimeCode
  • 25:20 - 25:20
  • United States Minor Outlying Islands
    Palmyra Atoll
  • Cooper Island; Airstrip
  • 5.88333   -162.08333
    Recording TimeCode
  • 36:49 - 1:04:00
  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
  • 48kHz
    Bit Depth
  • 16-bit
  • Sennheiser MKH 40
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
    Equipment Note
  • Stereo=1; Decoded MS stereo; Omnis; DPA 4060 Omnidirectional Microphones

Show: Palmyra
Log of DAT #: 2
Engineer: Chuck Thompson
Date: May 2000

ng = not good
ok= okay
g =good
vg = very good

Alex Chadwick (AC)

Dat #2-Palmyra, Recorded with sennheiser gauge 40/30 and the sennheiser
Plane landing at palmyra islands

00:58-Through touchdown of plane landing, normal plane hum. Ambi sound of plane landing
2:41-FX-words? Spoken over the sounds ofplane landing .
6:33-ng Words by? -drowned out in plane sounds
6:53-Plane shudder?
7:08-ng, words spoken over the plane chatter
8:06-ng, Six thousand to One thousand
8:07-Different plane ambi sounds
9:39-ng Heading is uhh, 53-spoken over the sounds of plane..
10:42-ng You might want to put your guy on
11 :30-Background chatter, hard to hear
11 :44-OK Uh, three and a half miles to the airport
12:11-G 500 feet
12:23 Okay now the runway is right there, I'd start it downwind, turn to heading 240\
12:40-We're a beam to the runway the runway is off to your left side there.
13:01-Stay on this heading, we've got to stay on this heading for a few more.
13 :24-Stay on this heading for a little bit longer
14:07-Yeah, that's it. That's it.
14:23-Plane goes from high pitched to lower pitch amid chatter.
14:50-200 ACL
15 :03-Shudders, rumbles.
15:43-(pilot?) Look at all them birds, whoo!
15:50-Okay Larry, we're here. Larry (L) Alright!
16:30-More ambient plane sounds
16:55-G See your track here, you're kinda going off.
17:50-Plane engine wanes.
18:55-Plane finally begins to go off
19: 10-FX Seat belts coming off
19: 15-Well, have a good day of picture takin'
19:20-Sigh 19:24-something being put down. Dropped?
19:31-We don't allow you guys to land without tyalkin' to me.
19:40-Sorry about that.
19:58-Captain Brady!
20: 1 0-Low chit chat
20: 17-That was good weather, that was a good weather report.
20:27-FX exhale, sounds of getting out of plane
20:37-Where's my mike? (laughing and chatter)
20:47-It's been this way a few hours huh?
20:50-Did a little hydroplaning along the way there.
21 :08-Chit chat
21:18-Steve Barclay (SB) Hi, I'm Steve Barclay
(AC) Alex Chadwick
SB Nice to meet you Alex
AC Yeah?
SB I've been listening to you for years.
21:33-SB We ordered sunshine, but with 185 inches of rain a year we take it when we get it.
AC Yeah, I'm sure the sun will come out.
21:57-Ambi sound of something? Squeaky noises like bats in the distance.
22:26 ? Okay that was a hell of a landing. We are on Palmyra island right now. Atoll I should say and believe me this is an atoll. This is amazing. It's raining, I'm going to shut this thing down. Time is 22:30:40 mark, this whole thing is M/S
25 :09-Sound of rain
25:20-A wet atoll.
25 :25-Sounds of 'wet atoll', rainfall.
25:49-Makes a change, switches of flow end.
25:58-Continued rain sounds. Ambi/fx
28:36-Slight gain in rain intensity
28:49-Bumping noise, FX
29:10-Okay, same thing, same perspective. Putting low end on mic grade.
29:28-VO Patter of rain
31:29-Pause and move on
31 :35-Change on the mic. Rain sounds continue
34:04-Change position and continuation. Rain sound.
34:55-FX Strong patter of rain, being poured off a tarp?
35:35-Stop. Technical information on the equipment
35:43-Recording of why they call it a wet atoll. It's just wet, it's been wet all day. It's still wet. It's great.
35:49-Squeaking noise. Using Omni directional mics. Preparing to record sound of plane taking off, adjusts levels. Sound of the birds on the runway. "here's some of the birds on the runway."

36:36-Ambient noise of VG squabbling birds on the runway. ¬
41: 15-Clears throat. Takes bit of a pause to set things down.
41 :43-More birds and a walk around to see if he can catch stuff. Tells Alex to look at him before doing anything. More bird sounds along runway.

43:25-Nancy this is Oops, sorry.
43:34-SB-Last index count is 75 birds in a minute. Chatter over a radio.

44:01-SB I think the number of birds is still too high. Based on the last few weeks, within half and hour, to forty five minutes, they might open up, but right there are just too many birds.

Radio (R) Half hour is too late, and forty five is definitely too late, over.

SB¬ Roger, well, we can keep watching, you can never know how it's going to affect if the wind picks up or something but right now it's just as heavy as it was a half hour ago.

R-I would say ... fifteen more minutes to say it's a go and afterwards we abort. Over.

SB¬ Roger.

44:49-Back to G bird squabbling.
45:42-How many birds do you think are down there?
SB-Abatu was estimating about 5,000 ... usually what we do is
AC-At least 10,000
SB-yeah. To get a real number we'd get a quadrant and then drop a net, but right now when we've got them all flying about it's difficult to tell, especially when they're really going up and down the runway.
46:32-AC-what would you say your maximum breeding population has been over the years? Female-Umm, well the biggest colony I ever saw was about 265,000 breeding. Chuck, that was probably almost half of this runway area covered across the two colonies over on the other two islands. So Many many more birds than this. NG-more talk.

47: 11-AC-How has the vegetation changed over on the flatter strip islands compared to huh Female-Umm, when I first started coming here, they had cleared it the interior so there wasmore space ..

AC-David and I were looking at that when we arrived on the 30th and it looked that it would be pretty promising to go in there.

47:40-These birds are real flexible about where they nest. AC-Yeah 48:31-

48:47-Okay, time of day is about 820 after the aborted takeoff for an aerial photographer's flight. This is just some of these birds in a more quiet setting.

AC-These are quieter birds and we're at about 1000 feet of runway. SB-that's 750 feet. Alex.

49:27-this is a level increase with a marker.
49:37-G Bird squall.
51 :22-Walkby from left to right.
51 :51-Footsteps through'
52:39-Walkby number 2
52:45-Audible walking through (short)
53:37-Walkby 3-More VG audible walking sounds. Crunching noises.
54:32,-Stop down, all ambis.
54:40-"These birds'll never stop."
55:30-Radio chatter. Hard to hear over the birds.
55:44-The swarm is now on the right
side but has been fluctuating back and forth. Right now they are on the right, there's a clearing on the right side.
56:06 -Stop down.
56:39-Start of omnis on runway and the takeoff. It's going to be a little hairy, so I'll try not to make any noise but the hell if I know.
57:50-G Engine sound in the background growls. FX
1:01 :04-Audible sound of plane over. Okay 1:01 :30-Advancing plane ... 1:01 :40-Plane ZOOMS by -FX
1:02:35-More rain AND birds at the same time. (This is a real hodgepodge of sound)
1 :03:58-Hold on just a second. Just go ahead and -something
1 :04:09-More terns. Asks "Where are we located?" Located on Mary Jane Island . Omni directional mics
1 :04:36-Tail end of a plane

1:04:57-AC-We have a visitor and what is this visitor's name. What do we call this guy?

F-This is a young red-footed booby hatched this year.
AC-Well, hello young red-footed booby! How are you? It's good to meet you. (Funny sound byte! Use this!) F-He doesn't have his red feet yet. AC¬ - No, they don't appear to be red. He's not very afraid of us. F-He's probably never seen a person before. AC-Well, it's good to know you're not afraid of us. It's not smart, but at least you're in the right place to discover us. Most excellent balance I might add too. Are you ready to depart, or are you going to hang with us all day in hopes of freebees? Huh? F-He's just gonna use you for hours. AC-Well, you may want to go in the air, you have wonderful eyes. What happens if we turn you around? Get another shot of this guy. Well, CYA!

1 :06: 18-Okay, I'm standing in the middle of a lagoon in Palmyra atoll grouping and looking through to the pacific ocean and then this sudden blue hole that looks like a big swimming pool. And I'm walking over to greet Alex and Beth and Mike.

1:06:45-VG Sound of walking through water. USE! 1 :07:37-Seems to struggle a bit with case? Very active sounds of something bumping
along the way.

1 :08:55-Small voices in the background approaching. Walking sound still predominant.

1 :09:57-Splashing forcefully

1: 1 0:41-Splooshing noises

1: 1 0:52-Right now we're in the middle of a turtle lagoon. This is a small sinkhole within the lagoon of eastern Palmyra.

1: 11 : 14-We're floating in the middle of a turtle lagoon. A sinkhole in the middle of the eastern lagoon of Palmyra. And all around us there are these green sea turtles. They poke up to the surface for a little while; they settle back under. They're, well. .. they're at least 3 feet in length. And they have these backs that look, well they look like tortoise shells. They're green and brown and ...sections of. .. sections of tortoise shell.

1: 11 :52-Mr. Chadwick probably will get this together eventually, We'll be back after Station Identification. (voice saying stop in the background)

1: 12:00-Look at that-these brown boobys are coming right over the microphone. We're out in the middle of this turtle lagoon which is a kind of a deep blue sinkhole in the eastern lagoon. And these green turtles are here mating on the sands and lay eggs. And these
brown boobys are circling great big brown birds. And they come just skimming over us. A moment ago one of em landed on the microphone.

1:12:44-Just in front of us is an opening to the next lagoon. We've just come through there in these kayaks, these sea kayaks that we're pedaling actually. They have little pedals, and we've just come through there in these sea kayaks, watching all this bird life around us. Brown boobys, frigate birds which are just enormous birds, on either side of this little opening in the water are two tons of island that stick out there, full of palm trees and dense green growth. And overhead clouds coming in from the west.

1:13:16-It's 3:00 in the afternoon and it's, it's been clear all day. The clouds are just starting to come in. These enormous frigate birds, just huge birds. At least 3 4 foot wingspans. Are circling over in this island to our right. Around and around, just gliding in the air. They're nesting right now.

1: 13 :44,-Mike? That's a Frigate bird you heard calling there

1:14:07-Small squicking sound, and faster paddling.

1: 14:29-Noticeable splash, picking up paddle from water? Then harder paddling.
1: 15:00-Chit chat (elf camera) 1:)5 :l' -G Bird sound? Loud
1: 15:4 7 -Crinkling noise. Plastic? Touching mic? Static?
1: 16:00-G Bird call FX, juxtaposed to the hard paddling.
1: 16:1.15-Camera shutter. And rewinding camera.
1: 18: 19-Beth? It might be too shallow to, is it going to be possible for you to paddle?
1:18:35-MIS crackling noises.
1: 18:4O-END OF DAT

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