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Humpback Whale -- Megaptera novaeangliae More
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Paul J Perkins
6 Feb 1969 at 13:30

  • 18.1835   -67.90117
  • Stereo
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NOTES: LNS Notes: Latitude and Longitude taken from Noon Position Report. 24Jun2004MLM. Reel notes: "Have 1 Humpback via Sono bouy. Animal is more distant. Heavy noise masking signal. used only 3/4 of reel." Deck Wildlife Watch: "Date: 6Feb1969. Vessel: Trident. Cruise: #65. Ship's position at start: Mona Isl. P.R. Weather: Sunny. Wind: 7 ENE. Sea State: 3. Visibility: 10 miles.16:30: met 2-3 pairs and poss. 1 larger. Heard single intermittent moans not clear, yet we were 1-2 miles from them, they were up on 20-30 fath curve of Island Mona, will leave now come back tomorrow. 17:45-18:00: 3 whales we followed, no sounds, poss. E.L.(sic) went under ship twice, nothing heard." From notepaper: "tape 19-9, Feb. 6 Continuation of same animal. Playback (Schevilles sound)-during whoos. Whoos continue and went immediately into groans. Playback (Hawaiian Pilot whales) - in groan area. Continued groans. Ratchets. appeared? Playback (control noise) - In yeeps I think, high. Then he gave low yeeps, then yips, etc. Couldn't tell if there was a change (another animal far away). Playback (Not done yet, see below) - Someone turned on edo during preplay? Preplay-Reported whale blew and no sounds. Making moans and ratchets. Distant (grey?24Jun2004MLM) a little too loud. (couldn't hear them?) No sounds during time "he" surfaced. Rose during moans. long silence after diving. Poor recording-static. Went into yeeps, etc. Ratchets 'seem' to be very variable, esp. in playbacks-may increase. Get time of no sounds and check any change of pattern. Then the recording stopped." From note: "Humpback Playbacks: Playback-BQR-3. Reciever(sic)-BowHydro in Chute. Time: 1331; Date: 2.6/69; Type: Schevilles Humpback. Playback Order: 4. Time: 13:35; Type: Hawaiian Pilot Distress; Playback Order: 6. Time: 13:39; Type: Control(Loude-Level); Playback Order: 7." SEAOCEAN

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