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Paul J Perkins
6 Feb 1969 at 13:30

  • 18.1835   -67.90117
  • Stereo
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NOTES: LNS notes: Latitude/Longitude Readings, and Weather data taken from Noon Position Report. Distance to the whale is noted by the recordist approximately 34 minutes into the specimen, this is recorded as 'distnear'. The quality of the specimen decreases as recordist notes that something is hung around the hydrophone cable on the sonobuoy. 18Mar2004JML.

Reel Box Notes: "Track 1, Speed 7.5, 06 Feb. 1969. Have 1 Humpback via sonobouy [sic]. Animal is more distant. Heavy noise masking signal. Used only 3/4 of reel."

Deck Wildlife Watch: "Date: 06 Feb. 1969, Vessel: Trident, Cruise: #65, Ship's position at start: Mona Isl. P.R.. Weather, Sunny, Wind: 7 ENE, Sea state: 3, Visibility: 10 miles, Hour watch start: 0630. Time: 1100."

Noon Position Report: "S.S.: Trident, Date: 06 Feb. 1969, Voy: 65, Latitude: 18¡11.3'N, Longitude: 67¡54.7'W, Course: Various, Distance: 108, Length of Day: 24 hrs, Ave. Speed: 8 knots, State of Sea: Slight ENE'ly, Weather & Wind: Clear, gentle, ENE, Remarks: Total dist. for year 2020."

Log Notes: "Continuation of same animal. Feb. 6.
Playback (Schevilles Sound) - during whoos. Whooos continue and went immediately into groans.
Playback (Hawaiian Pilot whales) - in groan area. Continued groans. Ratchets appeared?
Playback (control noise) - In yeeps I think, high - then he gave low yeeps, then yips, etc. Couldn't tell if there was a change. (another animal far away).
Playback (Not done yet, see below) - Someone turned on edo during preplay. Preplay - Reported whale blew and no sounds.
Get time of no sounds and check any change of pattern.
Making moans and ratchets. Distant guy a little too loud. (Couldn't hear them?) No sounds during time "he" surfaced. Rose during moans. Long silence after diving. Poor recording - static. Went into yeeps, etc. Ratchets seem to be very variable, esp. in playback - may increase. Then the recording stopped.

Notes: "Humpback Playbacks: Playback - BQR-3, Recieve [sic] - Bow Hydro in Chute.
Playback Order: Type: Time + Date
5 Lo Freq Groans 1327 (On previous reel: TRI-19-8, 18Mar2004JML).
4 Schevilles Humpback 1331
6 Hawaiian Pilot Distress 1335
7 Control (Loud - Level) 1339


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