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Paul J Perkins
6 Feb 1969 at 00:00

  • 18.1835   -67.90117
  • Mono
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NOTES: LNS notes: Latitude/Longitude readings taken from the Noon Position Report. 17Mar2004JML.

Reel Box Notes: "06 Feb. 1969. 7.5 Humpback sounds end 12:30. PLAYBACK TESTS. 1. 2. 3. Moan 4. Moan 5. Groan 6. no phase to caller. MONITORING VIA SONOBOUY."

Log Notes: "Sonabuoy recording. Good not quite complete sequence. Then playback. What was it. 1st playback _ long pause with only ratchets. Questiond did move away (apparently not). Is this the normal sequence? or did we modify it. Dirty whistles?

2nd playback - Moans played out during whoo-ups, then moans come in - perhaps no change, or moans come in a little? Med. high freq. whistles.

Control playback - low level. (Need to mark it). One whale heard occassionally in background. Playback - (moan ratchet pulses), couldn't really tell if pattern broken. Need another type analysis.

Playback (Hi freq. creeks? o.k.) Started during whoo-ups, and whooos. (one way in background?). Back to moans after playback. Seemed to lack ratchets.

Playback (low freq. groan) - slowed pattern or stopped for a few seconds, or lost animal or something. Some ratchets. Sounds very low then yelps, yelps, etc. then came in loud (was transducer turned) no sonobuoy. 2nd animal far away. Is this quieter period normal. End of tapes.

Deck Wildlife Watch: "Date: 06 Feb. 1969, Vessel: Trident, Cruise: #65, Ship's position at start: Mona Isl. P.R.. Weather, Sunny, Wind: 7 ENE, Sea state: 3, Visibility: 10 miles, Hour watch start: 0630. Time: 1100: 1 Humpback on sound, followed all AM and part PM, gave sound xmitters big xducer."

Noon Position Report: "S.S.: Trident, Date: 06 Feb. 1969, Voy: 65, Latitude: 18¡11.3'N, Longitude: 67¡54.7'W, Course: Various, Distance: 108, Length of Day: 24 hrs, Ave. Speed: 8 knots, State of Sea: Slight ENE'ly, Weather & Wind: Clear, gentle, ENE, Remarks: Total dist. for year 2020."

Notes: "Humpback Playbacks: Playback - BQR-3, Recieve [sic] - Bow Hydro in Chute.
Playback Order: Type: Time + Date
2 Humpback Dirty whistles 1304 2/6
3 " Med-Hi Freq. Call 1308
7 Control Playback 1317
1 Moan + Ratchet Pulses 1314
8 Hi Freq Cries 1324
5 Lo Freq Groans 1327


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