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Paul J Perkins
6 Feb 1969

  • 18.1835   -67.90117
  • Mono
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NOTES: LNS Notes: Approximately, 30 minutes in the recordist mentions: the filters are out, and that he just reduced the level a bit to prevent overloading, the BQR-3 is in use, the vessel is stationary and the engines are running, the animal's dead astern he's not too far maybe less, within 100 yds, appears to be a lull. Latitude/Longitude readings taken from the noon position report. 17Mar2004JML.

Reel Box Notes: "06 Feb. 1969, Humpback Whale, Mona Pass. @ 7.5 IPS. Time 1105 Ready for xmitt on folded horn. Shift to BQR-3a. Good sds in last 1/2 reel (one good call, can type it)."

Log Notes: "Cruise #65 Puerto Rico Feb. 6 1969. One individual making noises. Then a humpback come in _ not picking him up continuously for awhile at least. Then we pick him up better. Lot of noise at times. Lost bearing then moved ship: Then picked him up good again. Then lost him again _ Now back again. Good sequence. Prob. complete except low freq. missing. BQR got weak for awhile. About 4/5's way thru tape. Then comes back in. About 3 complete calls with some parts missing. Some voice but not all the way thru. To next tape 2 to 8 minutes missed. Movement of BQR head a problem, perhaps."

Deck Wildlife Watch: "Date: 06 Feb. 1969, Vessel: Trident, Cruise: #65, Ship's position at start: Mona Isl. P.R.. Weather, Sunny, Wind: 7 ENE, Sea state: 3, Visibility: 10 miles, Hour watch start: 0630. Time: 1100: 1 Humpback on sound, followed all AM and part PM, gave sound xmitters big xducer. Time: "1630, Met 2-3 pairs + poss. 1 loner. Heard single intermittent moans not clear, yet we were 1-2 miles from there, they were up on 20-30 fath. curve of Island Mona, will leave now come back tomorrow." SEAOCEAN: X

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