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Thomas J O'Shea
16 Feb 1983

  • United States
  • waterbody:North Atlantic OceanOrange City; Blue Spring State Park; Blue Spring Run
  • River
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  • Stereo
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  • Sennheiser MKH 805
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NOTES: Includes 1mv tone on both channels. Hydrophones 3m apart. Notes from recording log (voice notes on cassette recorder): "Monitoring with "new" H-56 upstream, channel 1; old #56 RT ear down, ch-2. Midway between trans 4+5. Spread c. 3m apart maximize time delay beyond 5x interaural. On pause. Uher 019: On with 2 "not great" taps. 49 + 55 approaching from right. Tc019. 5+53 coming down from left. (gap.) Uher 045 off. Uher 045 on as 5+53 rub hydrophones, little exchange between two. First [call?] was 5, second was 53. 53's head was 3m from hyd. At about... Last cry was B55, then another call from 5, and 53 is approaching her directly. Now I can't tell for sure as I have two cow-calf pairs upstream. Pause at Uher tc 070. Comments on monitor: pretty sure I am getting occasional cries of B513 as leaves run. No, not sure. The more ragged sounds were 5 and the higher, louder were of 53 on the earlier exchanges I identified as 5+53 were so. I have absolutely no quals which was which. Uher 070 - On now. tc 071 as Brutus approaches from downstream, some cries in background from upstream. Now tc080.. There was a sound from Brutus at about tc087! "Contact" call of big bull male. tc now 095.. Call is grunt from Brutus entering the run. Pause at tc 107. Context adult male, hears sounds upstream, + spontaneous "here I am" call. Now tc 110. I haveB5 36 swimming downstream, head 1/2m from hyd, solitary. Now rubbing on metal pole of old H56, then resting on the bottom. TC now 135. Felicity's breath, nose 1/2m from old H56. Another breath and her "respiration sound" 1/2m.. sound was not Felicity now 170.. She continues to swin downstream. Has been in earshot: 2 min sample, subadult female travelling alone, no vocalizations. On pause at tc 193. At 1136:26 on monitor as 4+30 drift down the run. Turning on at 193. At counter 204 that was a cry of either 4 or 30.. Mullet splashing at 218; 4 going over to hyd. Time 1138:15... Sounds of Lilly (4), her head 1m from hyd on the last call. She investigated hydrophone, then gave those cries. Luther is drifting side by side with her, tc now 243.... Possible that she gave those cries out of apprehension and wanted 30 alert and at her side. On pause at tc 270, time 1140:00. At tc 272 are cries of 49+55; 49's cries are the harsher... I think.. Both together now. Tape running out, 295. My impression is harsher cow and higher [mimics call] is calf, but not entirely certain. Off at tc305 to change tape.

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