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West Indian Manatee -- Trichechus manatus More
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Thomas J O'Shea
24 Feb 1982 at 14:57

  • United States
  • waterbody:North Atlantic Ocean
  • River
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NOTES: Notes from transcription log: ""000- T.C. 000 1mv signal 1100 position; 009- Luna & Lucille at 1457 are ~6m from hydro. Most other animals seem to be 25-30m from hydro. I can't seem to tell what Luna & Lucille are up to.; 017- There Luna breathes.; 018- Listen to that. Probably Lucille, but I don't know where she was.; 033- On pause till can see better.; 035- Turning oneven though there's a boat. 'cuz there seemed to be some duetting btw Luna & Lucille.(036); 038- (squeaks). 039-Luna's head ~4m from hydro. I can't tell where Lucille is in all this glare. A-ha, Lucille's right alongside her mother. Heads are both 4m from hydro.; 048- I'm going to start a check sheet.; 051-Luna seems to be coming over to check out hydro.' 056- back on pause till boat clears.; 057-on at 1508:40.; 058- female is resting w/head 1-2m from hydro. The gain may be too high for this close position of Luna.; 063- back on at 1511. Luna continued to rest in same position. She's rising to breat (068) there's her breath.; 070- Lucille rises to breathe, listen to that (072). There's Lucille's breath (more squeaks).; 074- Lucille now approaches Luna. Lucille's head was 4 m from hydro on those loud squeaks. Lucille went towards her mother then seemed to have sank to bottom. Can't tell if she's gone any closer to her mother. There's a 3rd animal ~10m from hydro (083). rose to breathe. May be approaching Luna & Lucille. 091- Luna breath (1)512:45.; 108- Back to pause.... 110- Back on 1517. 111-Lucille just took breath; Luna just took a breath; 113- Their heads are both ~4m from hydro. They are the only animals around, that I can tell. That 3rd animal sam out the run a minute ago.; 124- Looks like Luna may be clasping Lucille - difficult to tell.; 138- Now just seems to be resting. 140- back on pause; 142- Lucille just took a breath on the heels of Luna's breath. Now 1521:31. 151-Luna is moving on the bottom, turning, bottom walking, heading out the run. 157-Lucille not w/her yet. Luna's head now 6m from hydro. I suspect something might happen if she continues to move out. Instead it looks like she's just going to change position and rest heading downstream. 176- Back on pause.; 178- On 1527:01 as Lucille rises to breathe & breathes. Otherwise they've just bee silently bottom-resting.; 184- Luna rises to breathe 1527:21.; 187- (squeak) There's something. Lucille's head 4m from hydro (facing hydro). Luna's now turning toward Lucille following that cry. They're ~1m apart. 199-Luna's coming up for another breath. 207- back down. Difficult in ripples to tell what's happening. Looks like her head is right next to Lucille's. Both pointing towards hydro. Hydro 4m away. 231- back on pause. 232- on. Lucille just took a breath, Luna took a breath 1531:32. On to see if anything happens following that movement. 248- Animals are rising together. 249- Breath by Lucille; 250- Breath by Luna. Nothing further. On pause. 258- On 1540:40. As Luna's walking around on bottom a little bit, maybe something's going to happen. No. she changes her orientation from head upstream to head downstream. (265) now upstream again. But no sound communication. 275- Back on pause. 281- On. Duetting. There's Lucille and there was the loud Luna. 287- They're rejoining now. Luna, Lucille. 289- There's Lucille's cry as she returns and Luna's loud cry. They're now joined up together ~14m from hydro (294). I missed one cry given after Lucille's breath. 309- There's Luna & Lucille. Lucille sounds a little lower. Both rising to breathe. 312- They've rejoined eachother and rejoining as vocally mediated on the check sheet. Looks like Lucille may try to nurse. She's nudging Luna's right side then Luna's turning and not letting her on, then she's going underneath to the left. Now they're side by side. (334). 338- May be drifting out the run. Hard to tell in this glare. 344- They're now 20m from hydro." END

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