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bowhead whale -- Balaena mysticetus More
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Donald K Ljungblad
10 May 1979

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NOTES: MLNS notes: handwritten log of sound types in box; apparently done twice - once with focus on bowheads (BH), second with focus on other species - bearded seal (BS) & beluga.
1. "Bowhead 5/10/79 Tape 1, 7.5 ips Dub, Left channel only; mainly bearded seal sound; Ljungblad.
TEAK count: 0012: long BH, dn inflection ("B"); 0038: LF "B" sound"; 098: weak "B" sound with fund. in 150-200 region; 110: weak "B" sound, dn. inflection; 126: weak "B" sound, dn. inflection; 183: several "500-Hz thumps" here and following!!!!!!! [added note: "singles widely separated." [ditto at 266,311, 326, 366 for the presence of the thumps]; 466: good BH "B" sound with sl. up-shift. [added note: "In the c-420's there were fairly high f question sounds interposed betwee the bubble."]; 500: definite beluga sounds; 612: good BH "B" sound (up & bk dn again); 730: weak beluga sounds; 743 prob. BH "B" sound around 200-300 Hz; 745: beluga sounds getting stronger; 750: strong sound, probably BH "B"; 838: certain BH "B" VLF; 839: certain BH "B" below-type; 875: beluga sounds again; 937: beluga sonds again, even stronger."

2. " General impressions: Sounds other than BH. Ljungblad recording.
BS warbles from start, near & distant. A bit of beluga whistles in distance. At C-060 some "500-Hz thumps." C-068 the first buttle train noticed, rather continuous surging & ebbing ["with BS-like moans associated with it" - crossed out]. These sounds suddenly stopped at about C-088, restarting about C-090, along with stronger BS warbles, distant beluga whistles. C-113 possible BS "moan". C-122 bubble trains, & assoc. moans again prob. (& strong BS warbles). C-147 wk. beluga sounds heard; C-154 BS "moan" followed by quiet to C-163, then BS warbles. C-168 BS "moan?" C-176 ff beluga whistl, "500 tumps" individually from time to time. C-206 bubble trains resume for just a few sec. C-226 ff Beluga in dist and bubble trains resume, with moan components assoc. arround C-155 and good ones for analyzing around C-275, stopping briefly ~ C-300. More "500Hz thumps" around C-325. Strong bubble trains around C-345, C-370, 390, 407, 418. C-425 beluga whistles more promin. & at C-450 ff. c-495 only distant beluga for a while. C-505 & C-531 BS "moan?" C-560 bubble trains alone for a while; C-598 also & C-650. C-678 BS "moan" & start of beluga stereo. ~C-690 possible BH shriek sound (missed in the listings). C-695 bubble train with poss. lower compon. & at 716 ff. C-725 ff many distant beluga stereotyped calls. C-760 strange calls followed by relative silence. then BS & bubbles start up again around C-775, plus beluga around C-800 with strange buzz bursts. C-860 bubbles alone. C-867-800 belugas closer in a frenzy. C-910 & C-935 belugas even closer in another frenzy, mixed with BS & bubbles."

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