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Humpback Whale -- Megaptera novaeangliae More
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Paul J Perkins
Howard E Winn
23 Feb 1972 at 12:38

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  • Sennheiser MKH 816P48
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NOTES: Reel notes: "SHL-1-21. Multi pulses. Fair to good. Time 1238 + 45'. Humpback calls. 2 - calls, see next reel for continuation. 23 Feb 1972. ASW [Anti-submarine warfare vessel. 15Oct2003 SAS] TRI pings. How much missed btw this reel + next? 2 calls." "SHL-1-22. Several (3) multi pulses. Good to fair. To 1337. Humpback call (1). 23 Feb. 1972. Start of 3rd complete call. Whale about 1 mile dist. now. Total 3 calls recorded on SHL-1-21 + 22. Short reel, less than 1/2 full. ASW pings. Could get almost a full call is needed. Not done." Tape log: "SHL-1-21. 23 Feb 1972. Time 1238. Good signal at the start, animal is near ready to surface. Have one moderate level multi-pulse, right after large ratchet prior to surfacing. Snapping shrimp level moderate. ASW signal strong in this reel at the start. Animal level drops a bit, moderate for CSG - 3 more multi pulses are heard about 1/2" in, speed approx. 6 seconds apart. There are ||| [I believe these slashes were a tally Paul was keeping in his notes. Most likely indicates '3'. 15Oct2003 SAS] more which follow later. The ASW signal is very strong towards end of reel. End tape at tome 1318, end of a call. Multi pulses on this reel." "SHL-1-22. Continuation from reel 21 time 1320. Starts new (3rd dive) call, animal distance is approx. 1 mile. ASW signal varies amplitude. Animal signal is good to medium for CSG. There are 2 good multi pulses within the first inch of the reel. Another multi pulse later in. Animal surfaces - not a good call for CSG. OK for audio analysis. Very short reel, time secured, 1337. 3 multi pulses present." SEAOCEAN

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