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Humpback Whale -- Megaptera novaeangliae More
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Paul J Perkins
Howard E Winn
23 Feb 1972 at 08:08

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  • Sennheiser MKH 816P48
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NOTES: LNS notes: Intermittent interference from ship's own radio transmissions occur through out recording after first 20 minutes. 15Oct2003 SAS. Reel notes: "SHL-1-19. Many weak multi pulses. No full call - could est 1/2 of moans + get one call if necessary. R-130. Start 0808 ens 0858. Hump calls. 23 Feb 1972. First full call starts 1" in from tae start (approx). Note: 1st call has ship's radio broadcast interference. 2 blows (2 animals) seen. Radio transm throughout. Radio at end - cut off to change tape - missed less than 1 min at end of call - before 1st blow." "SHL-1-20. Short reel first 1/3 only. Start 0859 end 0920. Hump calls, continued. 23 Feb 1972. No full call." Tape Log: "SHL-1-19 23 Feb. 1972 time 0808. R-130 engines off. Starts with end of one call, good signal level. There is one distant low freq pulse (similar to multi pulse on reel #18, at the early start of this reel. A second distant pulse about 2 min later - same rolling noise (cable rumble). A third distact pulse heard about 2 min later than #2 pulse. Snapping shrimp level moderate. Weak pings from a distant ASW [Anti-submarine warfare 15Oct2003 SAS] ship are heard. A fourth distant multi-pulse is heard, these all appear 'by natuer of sound', to be coming from a more distant source than this close 200 yd animal? A fifth multi-pulse heard. The second animal is heard in the background with yup-yups, (independent animal?). animal is moving away from ship, signal level varies good to modeate, back to good again by first 1/3 of reel. Animal level moderate. Signal levels are good last 1/4 of reel. End of reel 0858. This reel should not be used for CSG due to heavy radio broadcast interference thru out entire reel after first 1/3." "SHL-1-20. Continuation os reel #19 time 0859. Animal starts call on start of tape, so does a spurt of radio communications. Level of animal signal is low - not good (by first /" of reel) for CSG. Some cable noise (rumbles) and distant pinging from an ASW ship. Ship is rolling, noise results. Animal signal level still poor by first 1/3 reel. End reel at 0920. Contents not of much value." SEAOCEAN

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