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Humpback Whale -- Megaptera novaeangliae More
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Paul J Perkins
Howard E Winn
20 Feb 1972 at 16:32

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  • Sennheiser MKH 816P48
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NOTES: Reel notes: SHL-1-15. Bank between Sombrero + Anguilla. Start 1632 end 1721 hrs. 20 Feb 1972. Humpback calls. Croaker heard about 1/2 way in. Not correl." "SHL-1-16. Start 1723 hrs end 1813 hrs. 20 Feb 1972. Not correlated. Sig levels low last half." Tape log: "SHL-1-15 Homed in with BQR (directional) > amplitude points to hump > then switched to R-130 (omnidirectional). 20 Feb 1972, time 1632, R-130 xphone, engines off. Starts with Hump near end of his call. These is a rumbling sound for the first few moments of reel, (cable noise). Snapping shrimp level high. Animal level is medium to poor at start of reel. Animal stops calling within first 1/4" of tape - after a few moments he resumes calling and the level is now fair to good. Half way thru reel the animal's level drops and it goes quiet. A croaker species is heard rattling 1 time. The second, distant humpback may still be heard. Within moments the closest animal resumes calling. Animal is closer now, signal better. Short series of 6 kHz fine weak pulses heard (see grams) approx. 3/4 way thru reel. Animal signal level not always good for CS copy. Ship rolling sounds are high. Reel ends at time 1721 hrs. We hear no animal pulses this reel (singles that is) - 1 train, after cries, after ratchet." "SHL-1-16 20 Feb 1972 time 1723. Continuation reel #15. Lost approx 1 1/2 min due reel change time. Signal fair at the start. Ship rolling noises, shrimp snap level medium. First 1/4" of reel ends the incomplete call - the tape continues for full calls there on. Hear one click at the beginning of the call, same freq as click series on reel 15, is still medium level first quarter of reel - Animal signals getting weaker by 1/3 way in. Animal is in long ratchet phase - 1/2 way thru and is very weak. Level is too low for CSG copy, okay to follow by ear for any pattern recognition [illegible word 14Oct2003 SAS]. EDO runs for a sounding, depth = 110 fathoms. Last 1/4" of reel animal's signal is low and often silent completely, his head may be trained away from us. Signals improve later on however. Tape ends time 1813 hrs." SEAOCEAN

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