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Humpback Whale -- Megaptera novaeangliae More
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Paul J Perkins
Howard E Winn
17 Feb 1972 at 17:35

  • 17.76683   -62.6105
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Sennheiser MKH 816P48
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NOTES: LNS notes: Same individual as LNS# 110869. Possible Balaenoptera acutorostrata in background. 9Oct2003 SAS. Reel notes: "SHL-1-8. Engines at 1st. Same on tape #9. Start 1735 End 1822. Continuous. Calling humpback. 17 Feb. 1972. 1+ complete calls, surfaces 200-400 yds range. This was a biopsy victim. 1800 posit = 17¡46.0N 62¡51.5W. One complete - another almost as complete well into wo cries. Whale blew 3 or 4 times in middle of call before up oos? Not exactly placed on tape. Blew in moans and missed some. Didn't see blows exactly around surface ratchet - saw him a minute later at surf. Not on analysis tape." "SHL-1-9. Same animal as tape 8 3 mins between tapes when animal on surface. Start 1823 end 1852. Continuous. Calling humpback. 17 Feb 1972. 80-400 yds range varies. This was #2 biopsy victim. 1800 posit = 17¡46.0N 62¡51.5W. About 1/2 way in '4 pulses heard' are part of series 'minke' like thump train. Part used. One call." Tape Log: "SHL-1-8 17 Feb 1972. Time 1735, R-130 ship's engines are running at the start of the reel. Animal signal level is good. This was #2 biopsy victim. Two animals calling, one is slightly closer than other - closest one turns toward LAMB [the ship, Sir Horace Lamb 9Oct2003 SAS], level gets stronger. Second animal heard very low level, it is possibly closer than it's sound level suggests. After a surface, signal level is reduced somewhat for a while. This animal grunts a longer continuous series of 60 Hz grunts - unusually long + low. There are unidentified OSN ['own ship's noise' 9Oct2003 SAS] 3 weak 'knock pulses heard just at the stat of ratchets prior to surfacing. One of the 3 'knocks' are better than other 2. Signal is good, animal is within 100 yds of Lamb on start of second call. First one was a complete call. Second animal is in background, lowing. Sig level good most all through out reel. Almost at end of his call animal abruptly stopped - long pause then 1 weak click pulse (good) followed by a second one. End of Reel." "SHL-1-9. Continuation of reel #8, time 1823. Animal starts to call again from about the beginning of his normal call. Signal level is good - second animal heard lowing in the distant. Some over loading due cable noise, rolls of ship increasing. A short ping is heard (weak) by first 3/4" in. there are two distant individuals now 1" in. Good area for source levels, animal is 200' from ship, background quiet - series of very low (250 Hz) pulses, maybe creaking wooden hull of Lamb? 1852 Stopped recording here, went to PQM-sonar. Recording has a full call and some. Only 3/4 reel used." SEAOCEAN

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