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Humpback Whale -- Megaptera novaeangliae More
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Paul J Perkins
Howard E Winn
7 Feb 1972 at 20:20

  • 11.91667   -61.88333
  • Mono
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Sennheiser MKH 30
    Equipment Note

NOTES: LNS note: This recording is in two segments. The tape ran out during the recording of this individual and approximately one and one-half minutes elapsed prior to the next reel starting up. This is the same individual from LNS#110864. 07Oct2003 SAS. SHL-1-3 Reel Notes: "No complete calls. Cut #4. Humpback - End 2047." SHL-1-4 Reel Notes: "Pattern. 11¡55'N 61¡53'W. BQR-3 and R-130. Start 2048-2108. Humpback - eng off, BQR-3. 7 Feb 1972. Cut #1 Complete call and [illegible 07Oct2003 SAS].One essentially complete call. Paul stopped in middle - unknown reason. Shifted to R-130. Call was strong. Two animals can't select." Tape Log: "SHL-1-3. Cut #4 7 Feb 2020 time. Regain contact on last whale or a new one, not sure yet, fair signal level, on the BQR-3a modified - lot of training noise, animal signal varies amplitude. Creaking noise aboard Lamb - we turn ship to point bow to whale - 2nd animal is heard at times - later determined by sound, to be the same animal we had earlier. Ship's main engines are shut down, good comparison for running/no running backgrounds. Animal is calling good - but this tape doesn't have a full complete call -see next reel for the continuation of tracking same animal + complete calls. SHL-1-4 7 Feb 1972. Continuation of reel #3 time 2048. Cut #1 Ship's engines since secured - on the BQR-3 modified. Animal is in a call, finished at approx. 1 1/4" in - animal surfaces, starts into a second call - signal level is very good. Here is a good example of the modulated grunts and groans (moans) showing rapid ratchets with each grunt or groan. Peculiar to this animal only? End tape at 2108 7 Feb. There is one complete call between start and 1 3/4" in area." SEAOCEAN

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