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Humpback Whale -- Megaptera novaeangliae More
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Paul J Perkins
Howard E Winn
10 Feb 1973 at 15:10

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  • Sennheiser MKH 816P48
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NOTES: LNS notes: Left channel is hydrophone, right channel is recordist and observer announcements. 11Sep2003SAS. Reel notes: "1510-1546. Navidad Bank. 10 Feb 1973. 3-4 Humps close. Making lowing sounds. Hear slap noise of flippers hitting water as hump rolls. Heard 3-4 lo freq pulses just after 1000~ cal tone at end of reel 0 DBM .775 vrms. Within 1st 1" of reel are 'Minke' grunts." Sound Recording Log: "Date: 10 Feb 1973. Time start rec.: 1510. Time stop rec. 1546 call quits early. Cruise # A-388. Tape #'s 16. Species: Humpbacks. Number: 3-4 close. est Range: 200 ft. - 400 yds. Rel. Bearing: omni. Movements: various, rolls, breaches. Other species present: none seen. Weather: clear, pt. cloudy. Sea state & noise level: 3+ low. Depth 60 ft. Propulsion & aux. noise: Engines off. Recorder: UNQ-7a. Filters: open. Gain: 1/3. Hydrophone: R-130. If Hump: # full calls: none. Any peculiarities: modified call, chorus. Any photos taken: yes. Other notes. Have 2 familys [sic]? - 5 whales at start - there is at least one baby whale present. Have by sound, slap sounds of a hump's close rolling flippers slapping water surface - followed by 2-3 series low freq pulses - near start of reel. Observed + heard this simultaneously. A - 1000~ cal tone at 0 dBM (.775 vRMS) is on the last 2 min of reel." SEAOCEAN TEMPAIR: 28

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