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Paul J Perkins
26 May 1981 at 10:45

  • United States
  • waterbody:North Atlantic Ocean SW from: off Boston, corner of Stellwagen Bank county: Suffolk
  • Bank
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  • Stereo
    Sampling Rate
    Bit Depth
  • Electro-Voice RE45N/D
    Equipment Note

NOTES: LNS notes: Megaptera novaeangliae, Balaenoptera physalus, and possibly Balaenoptera acutorostrata present. Few sounds in last 20 seconds that may be Minke. Filtered with ZSYS z-Q2, hi shelf filter, -95 db, 350 Hz. Left channel is signal from hydrophone, and right channel is on deck observations and recordist's announcements. For first minute the observer is heard on both channels before hydrophone starts. Two calls, one at start, and one near end. Balaenoptera physalus also in area, but notes on reel box indicate no 20 Hz calls found on recording. Left channel is signal from hydrophone, and right channel is on deck observations and recordist's announcements. 03Sep2003 SAS. Reel notes: "CH-1, 20 check (neg). Microphone in hands of observer on deck. Behavior observer on deck house. Begin 1015 - 1034. 100~ cond to flat. Humps feeding. Fins seen to [sic]. 26 May SW corner of Stellwagen. Trawler Traffic noise masking. Humps near xphone? Operated in flat pos. most of reel. ~ 1034 finish." Sound Recording Log: "Date: 26 May 1981. Tape #s: 27 + cut 1 of 28. 1015-1034 hrs. SW corner of Stellwagen Bank. Species: Humpbacks feeding. Number: 2. Propulsion & aux. noise status: silent ship. Recorder: Uher 4400. Filters: Open most of reel time. Gain: 35. Hydrophone: CH-1a. Develops noise at reel start; ok later in. if Hump, # full calls: no. Any peculiarities:Have many moans/groans. Other notes: Maybe a Minke in area. Not seen/ but heard. Voice opbservations from top of 'greenhouse.' 2 Humps feeding, about 100 yds from Tioga. 10-15 yds. separation between animals, sand lances seen here earlier; 10-15 yards from ship. Trawler traffic noise strong. 25-30 yards closer to ship. 15-20 yards from boat 1/4 way into reel. Later 75-80 yd relative to position of xphone. Many moans, some groans. No Lags around or seen. Minke sds?" SEAOCEAN

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