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The Macaulays

Linda and William (Bill) Macaulay are avid birders who have supported the Library of Natural Sounds – now renamed in their honor – in numerous ways. Most notably, a generous donation from the Macaulays was instrumental in creating the Macaulay Library’s outstanding new home at Sapsucker Woods. This state-of-the-art facility includes custom-built studios, advanced fiber-optic connectivity, spacious offices, and climate-controlled storage for the archive.

The contributions of the Macaulays extend far beyond financial support. With nearly 6,000 individual birdsong recordings of over 2,600 species, Linda Macaulay is one of the most productive and talented contributors to the library’s sound archive, and a superb example of a dedicated “citizen scientist.” In many cases Linda was the first person to ever record a particular species in the wild, and to this day over 300 of these species remain recorded only by her. Through their work with First Reserve Corporation, where Bill is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Macaulays have traveled to numerous hard-to-reach locales that few tourists (or even avid birders) ever see, and wherever they go they take their recording equipment along. In 2010, in honor of her many contributions, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology presented Linda Macaulay with the prestigious Arthur A. Allen Award for Outstanding Service to Ornithology.

The Macaulay Library thanks our foundation partners for their generous contributions on behalf of science and conservation. Your support is making a difference!

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